Pirate Girl, Jose Pardo (2D)


Title: Pirate Girl
Name: Jose Pardo
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

This image was laying around in sketch form for over a year. I finally got around to painting it. I’m fairly happy with how it turned out, although I have promised myself to start with a better/more refined drawing the next time around.


Lovely colors, she seems to like warm tones ^^
I really like the background, excellent work on the waves ! I think the lighting on the character is a bit stronger than on the background, else it’s excellent. Very nice pose and expression !


Thanks Dianae, much appreciated.


hello jose…:), this is good, so much so well painted, the background, waves, immediate props on the ship, barrel, wood etc and the pirate lady ofcourse, i like the pure palette that uve used. very rich very warm.

cheers and good day.


sorry, double post.



Hi Jose,

This looks wonderful, all the details you went through the wood , and ocean water and the boats get the right mood of a pirate life, as for her like the rouse and the blood of her hand…her expression its not perfect although that makes her more intriguing …congrats like it very much ! :applause:


Thanks Waheed and Axel, glad you like her.


so beauty and so lovely:thumbsup:good job!


Thank You Sir Neo!


Another great piece! She’s gorgeous and the ship in the backgound is really very nicely done. Dramatic colors. Very nice!


Thank You Stina, I really love the latest book cover on your site, very clean and delicate!



Love it. Looks like it would make a very nice tee shirt. :bounce:
You sure do have a thing for red heads and
Murphy. :love: lol.


i like it jose the only crit from me would be to use some harder brushes for the wood and even the cannon for texture


Ha, Ha, Dan, you are very funny, if I’ve told you once I’ve told you a thousand times, it’s not Murphy!

lynch-Thanks I appreciate the feedback. I updated the image on my website after I posted it here. This is what it currently looks like but I think it’s larger on my website:


Hi Jose,
fascinating job!! nicely done.


Thanks Binu!


so very cool! … this is one pirate pin that really draws attention! har har har! ( i wonder if she’ll do that … :smiley: ) rock on mate! :buttrock:


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