Pinocchio-Born with anger, heri irawan (2D)


Title: Pinocchio-Born with anger
Name: heri irawan
Country: Austria
Software: Photoshop

This is an adaptation of the Pinocchio story.

Everybody knows the pinocchio story-geppetto was creating a puppet which finally got alive.
In my picture you see pinocchio just waking up in anger because geppetto was trying to paint his nose with pink colour.



Awesome it’s really awesome!great colours and idea!


beautiful work :cool:


very nice painting, great lightning!
I like this clean and smooth style of yours, also great use of textures here


hi marilena.thanks my friend.
hi farrukh,thank you?
hi mathias,great you like it!


I love this piece. The composition, ligthing, characters… all things are really great and your technique is amazing! :applause:


Great lightning, its incredibly smooth and im loving the expressions :smiley:


Great work, Heri! Love the angles and lighting.


Ha ha… I love it! Especially Gepetto’s slippers.


looks more like homer simpson spending to much time in the basement, 5 stars!


Great work Irawan, very funny and dynamic, and technically is perfect :applause:


Great work Heri.

I really like the style and colours.

I agree.

I thought Figaro was black and white?


hahah beautifull !..very good style
best regards :slight_smile:



once again…you win at art!

Awesome stuff, the characters are great, and I like the little twist on Pinocchio.



Nice work, plugged.


hwhww holy cow
fricken nooiiice dude


I really like it. Amazing colors. Just one thing, the warm light coming form the bulb seems a little odd on pinochio´s legs, i thing the light should go like a rim along his legs instead of the so sharp circular shape


i see too many lighting mistakes but awesome textures and render. well done


Looks amazing, great work!


Awesome work as always buddy!

Top row all the way :slight_smile:

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