Pink Sugar, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


vivid and sexy; result perfect. as usual.


Im pretty surprised this hasnt reached frontpage yet!

It was great following this in the WIP thread - you make it look so easy! Such simple geometry, but outstanding texture, shading and lighting work - Another reiv masterpiece!
It looks much better with the smaller hair ornament now, and thanks for enclosing the uncropped version - its my wallpaper now!

All i can say, sir is:



Exquisite!Five stars from me


This is fantastic!


As I said before - I;m in love! Very nice modelling even greater texturing :).
FRONT PAGE material :). Good job mate!


I am just quoting myself out of the WIP thread

very cool work, i smell another award for you :wink:
You are one of my fav. artist (just btw.)


:bounce: this 3d is one from the best ones I seen in this forum.

I gave you all the stars i had. would give more.


I’m not sure what in specific makes me want to just stare in awh, but it is truly mesmerizing.


The job is excellent, I wish I worked on something like this. Only one crit, the eyes need more detail cos they look a little glassy (perhaps add some nerves on the white part). Just an opinion,

beautiful, keep up the good work



Simply, that is it.:thumbsup:


I followed this one in the W I P forum. You are a legend! 5 stars from me! Award time for sure! :thumbsup:


I love your works man, you’re my idol.

5 * from me


Superb. Amazing texturing and lighting.

I would swear that was a touched up Photo if not for the wireframe and the slight gloss on the eyes.

Hair technique is also great.


It’s lovely dude! Amazing work!


looks great to me, the top of her bottom eyelids look a little too sharp to me


Truly Amazing. 5 Stars for sure.


That’s awesome !


It’s you!!:bounce: Olivier from the 3D world mag! Im having your skinshading tutorial on my left side, awesome tips, you rock man.

Sweet job on this one, hope to see more from you:thumbsup:



You blowed my mind! Thanks for sharing wire, it is helpful!


This is amazing.U get even better and more reallistic. Outstanding shading and texturing.
Perfect:thumbsup: *****