Pink Sugar, Olivier Ponsonnet (3D)


Title: Pink Sugar
Name: Olivier Ponsonnet
Country: France
Software: 3ds max

Here is my latest work. I tried to make something quite different from what I usually does. Ok that’s sill a woman face :slight_smile: but this time I used a different color scheme with pinks blond hairs. The hair is actually made of polygons, everything’s done with 3dsmax. I used fast SSS for the skin. If you want more details about the making of ths picture, check my wip thread here:
(thank you guys for helping me during this wip!)
I hope you’ll like it :slight_smile:

ps: here is a non-cropped version:


lol, ownage dude


it’s incredible, the eyes are a little too glossy but overall A+


it is amazing!!! lol:bounce:

can you show a wireframe?(just wondering about it…)


This one is perfect man.

Vu le nombre d’incroyable persos de ton site je dirais que celle ci avec “Pétale de lune” est ma préferée. De suite elle va en wallpaper (merci d’ailleurs) et d’en le dossier de référence “Reiv” :wink:
J’oserais bien quelques questions sur la façon de faire mais je les demanderais plutôt sur ton site…

Anyway what a masterpiece and you’re definetly one my favorite cgartists.
Can’t wait for another character…

Front page :bounce:


Hey thanks guys :slight_smile:

Here is the wire :


Got to agree with the others that this is a great piece of work.
Theres only one thing about it, the eyes.
They work fine if the intention is that she’s sad so she is almost crying.
But if the intention was to give her a same type of a attitude look as models usually have then the eyes give me a odd feeling.

Great one anyway, 5 stars from me.


heheh you definitely know how to make pretty girls…! great work once again… :slight_smile:


oahu! Excelent work!

Very nice!

Alessandro Lima


Another great job, where’s your logo :slight_smile: ?


Amazing work! Stunning!


Really nice piece of work… she looks so… alive. Very nice color scheme. The veins in the uncropped version look a tiny bit distracting to me, and maybe her eyes a little bit too… hmm… hdrish?
It’s been my wallpaper for a couple of days now so I’m getting used to it.

BTW, she looks like my sister.


what more could i say
its just awesome
great work!


Hey Reiv,

Its great to see a max modeller flying the flag… 5 stars from me


totaly incredible, TEN STARS if i could !! Front page stuff too.


Great Work reiv!
i think 5 star is less for that!:thumbsup:


total awesomeness


I haven´t words, something beautiful :bounce:


Yet another quality piece of work.

Love your choice of colours- very vibrant.

Very sexy work :smiley:


can’t help myself, i must repeat what i said before : olivier, your works are truly inspirational. your geometry is pretty simple and the result is perfect