Pink Lady, Rui Cheng (2D)


Title: Pink Lady
Name: Rui Cheng
Country: China
Software: Painter, Photoshop

This is a lonely old lady, she always uses the power saw to solve the problem, Please don’t approach her…
Painter 9 and Photoshop cs2
All the C&C are most welcome.
Thanks~ : )


Wow!!! That’s all I gotta say!


I adore her! :slight_smile:
Excellent rendering and great character.


Amazing works. colours and brush strokes is great!


Great work!Plugged



This frightens me on so many levels. Hehe, but nice job. Grats on front page.


awesome character got alot of style, crazy granny haha, the colors are great


congrats Rui…wonderful work i say…:thumbsup:. those forms are brilliantly achieved.


wooow…This is fantastic character!



this is really authentic
great work man:eek:


WoW i love this . this is fantastik .very nice:thumbsup:


Wow ,front page~nice work!keep up the good works!:thumbsup:


wow~front page work,fantastic~keep the good works up!:thumbsup: :bounce:
作品很不错呀,那么快就得到CG CHOICE AWARD真猛


I love the little crow perched on top of her horn – its the little things that make a strong piece like this even stronger


Great charachter! Love the rendering…:thumbsup:


LOL! I think I want to hire her :scream: she looks like a friendly body-guard!



haha great character


Superb. The style is unique. And the ochre color scheme really brings everything together. The horns are also a wonderful touch.



Really nice drawing, the details are great,

What surprices me, is that i get the impression that the way you made the basic of her clothing was by moving a 2d pattern on top of her and then just painted on that. When i look at the top of her back, it’s so 2d looking.

I would add some detailing there, to get the sense that this clothing is wrapping arround her on the other side.


Amazing work,i like it