Pink Assassin, John Strieder (3D)


Title: Pink Assassin
Name: John Strieder
Country: Germany
Software: CINEMA 4D, ZBrush

Hi there, this is my newest work :slight_smile:

Software used: C4D (modeling, hair geometry and besemeshes), ZBrush (sculpting and texturing), fryrender (materials and render). Like always, no postwork or compositing.

Hope you like it :wink:


great!!! really nice work. I like so much skin:applause:


No post or comp? Nice! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work


Good job! I really like the hair. Skin shader is really good and the specular on the eyes and lips are very good. As said before, really nice considering there isn’t any post work.


Great! What i like most, is that she’s pretty but it’s not the classic “perfect beauty” we are too much used to see in movies and, of course, in CG.
I think this is the reason why she looks so realistic. Very good subject choice! :applause:


Very nice …well all of it, render modeling texture etc.

I got the feeling the nose was looking a bit strange, but anatomy isnt my strongest side,
and people are people.
So my only comment is that the lighting is looking a bit dull.
Its a nice portrait, but I’d still say it could be made more interesting lighting wise.
(…or just tweak in post…).

The few times ive tried fryrender, it appeard very slow to me.
Offcourse i didnt try someting as complicated as this with it.
How was it to use fryrender on something like this?


عمل جبار وفي مستو عالي جدا يثبت قوتك وتمكنك من البرنامج وأدواته حض سعيد

A major task in a very high level and prove your strength allows you to program and tools


Thats amazing work, she looks realistic.


wow~realistic female~ look like photo~


wow, thats perfect…nearly…only her eyes tell the truth. nonetheless 10/10!


wonderful grils i like it the herr color is very good work

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Awesome work. I really like it. Does your external render engine render c4d hair? Very well done.


Very realistic!

Great work on the eyes! :slight_smile:


This is a great image. I guess it is meant to be a photo?


Incredible work. Simply outstanding.

You are the man John! 5*



Thanks for all your kind comments!

@B-Max: Your comment made me really happy :love: Indeed, I wanted to show a person who lived already :slight_smile:

@Molte: A friend of mine showed a me a “photoshopped” version of my Image, he made a strong contrast, but I didn’t liked it … I know, it’s liked by most people, but simply not my taste … blush
fryrender is an unbiased engine, and those engines render always fully featured (for example, always with GI, Caustics, etc.). So it just take its time for the Quality :wink: And besides that, the last version step of fryrender gave a great speed improvement and special acceleration for IBL.
If you take a look at my Gallery, all my Images are rendered with fryrender. I must admit, personally I can’t Imagine something better shrug. What I love most is the super simple material system with only a few parameters.

@Matasorapit: For the Hair i turned “Generate” on and set the profile to “Flat”. So I had polygon strands. I gave it a nice fryrender-material with Single-Sheet SSS. On my website in the “Goodies”-Section is a Tutorial about my Image “The Package They Carry”, where I explained this technique.

@sundoorink: Hm … photorealism is always a goal of me, but I’m also attracted by exaggeration or by showing things that cannot exist in reality … but this is just a (artistically) portrait of a character this time :wink:

@zampano7: LOL!

… Thanks again!


WOW…superb work: impressive.


Hey, thanks for the reply.
When I tested fryrender, it gave very good results, but I could’nt see the use of it in production. Seeing this image however, wants me to test it out more :slight_smile:
Once again, very nice work.


Saubere Arbeit. Very good work.


Kudos! Very nice work!