Pink and Blue render type???


I’ve been doing CG as a hobby for about 12 years now but recently watching some vfx breakdowns on Youtube I’ve noticed a lot of the Pink/Blue render levels. I’m going to guess they must be Normals but they are used a lot in smoke sims etc. Are they a different type of depth compositing?

Can be seen here at 1.1l and 3.25





Both of those examples are normals passes and are useful for relighting.

Obviously, smoke isn’t likely to have a normal, but it’s possible you’re seeing a utility light pass, or a world position, or motion vectors, or any number of things that didn’t immediately occur to me. For instance, I was working on a FumeFX nebula recently for which I cranked the opacity way up and then used an RGB light setup to create some faked normals that I could use to relight in comp. It turned out mostly yellow and green, but if I’d rearranged the lights, it might have been magenta/cyan instead.


Ah ok thanks, so do you purposefully set colours to create this effect or is it simply a type of render pass?

Here’s an example of the smoke I mentioned


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