Pinhead - Hellraiser, François Deretz (3D)


Title: Pinhead - Hellraiser
Name: François Deretz
Country: France
Software: Blender, Photoshop

A personnal point of view of Pinhead, who have been created by the fabulous Clive Barker.

2 weeks of work.
Designed and sculpted : Blender
Textures and background : Photoshop
Render : Blender Internal
Postprod : Blender Nodes Compo + Photoshop


Really nice work. It looks like you have a very good knowledge of Blender. Again, well done.


ommgh this a cool Hellraiser Picture. Great Modelling and texturing


Great Blender work!


perhaps the brow can be less rounded and not so symmetrical but apart from that Excellent Work! :thumbsup:
Love the skin texture and the little off centre pin on the end of his nose.


wow cool work. congratulations


nice work! i have only one idea ,mybe the nail shuld be some radom dirty :slight_smile:



I truly dislike the subject but the work itself is really good.


scary cool, I like the speculars on this one


really cool project.
nice modeling and rendering.
i like that cool light, but i think its quite bright.
maybe darkness can feel much horrible.

nice project. :bowdown: :bowdown:


wonderful work i like it the detalis & textures by te face is very nice but i think u have problem with eyes is not really good
also great gob ceep on



Thanks a lot for your coments. :slight_smile:

@ booneeto :
I work with Blender for 6 years ago. Before I worked on 3DSMax and C4D, but when I have learnt using Blender I find this software really for me …

@ mxyzptlk :
At first, brows are really less rounded but Pinhead looks like a prehistoric human … :hmm:
For the symmetrical effect, it’s another problem and a real personal point of view. In fact, during the sculpt, I create a real none symmetric face design ; but at the end of this part of the process, Pinhead looks too human and less evil, the glance looks less hypnotic. I was sure people notes the face is a little symmetrical, but nevermind, I play the game ! :rolleyes:


Here is a little making-of, enjoy it … :smiley:

Wire :

Bigger picture

Process modelling in Blender :
I have done UV unwarp between “More detail step” and “Sculpting step”.

Bigger picture

Texturing :
Very long cause I love details, one of my favorit step.

Bigger picture

Lighting set-up :

Bigger picture

Background :
A picture have done 2 years ago have been photoshoped for the background.

Bigger picture

Compositing :
Another favorit step … :smiley:

Bigger picture


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