Pinguin acting test


Hi all!

I´m working hard, but slowly, in a personal project with the characters of Batman…well, I finish the pinguin, and now I´m testing the posibilities that he have…I´m interested in your comments & critics…the dialogue is 27 seconds long, but I only animate at the moment 7 seconds

5mb in quicktime

1,73mb in Divx



please change host…


Thanks Alekto…

Sorry I don´t understand what´s the problem, but…
You can download in this other webs my animation…




only thing that is rong is the sound performance…i dont understand what he is talking…maybe a subtitle…or …uhhh yea slow down the animation so you have time to enunciate make it better understandable…GREAT JOB with the lip synch


Thanks Krazyace…

Well, the pinguin say…

Batman…Batman is a cheat,…a nutter,…a circus clown.

Sorry for my bad english.




loved the animation, for me timing and motion were perfect, and the voice acting was fantastic, no problem understanding it, i don’t understand how crazyace didn’t get it…

the different emotions involved in describing the same character work brilliantly, and are each evident in all aspects of the character.

only thing i can think to improve would be to jerk the head (i’d go forward) on the “nut” syllable of “nutter” to help emphasise the word through the acting as much as the voice does, like you have done already on the starting syllables of “cheat” “circus” and “clown”.

brilliant stuff, can’t wait for the rest,


Thank you for the commentaries!

Mungo J,…I will try to accentuate this syllable as your you say, maybe I will look of searching a pose more loudly.But I want to prevent that all the accents of the dialogue are of the same type, and to be still encouraging him with different levels of expression.

Isaak :slight_smile:


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