pin up [pinocchio revisited]


Hi there!
This is a little project i’m working on during my spare time… I would like to illustrate a kind of steampunk version of the famous story of Pinocchio, but in the 50’s… So, the fairy could be a sexy pin up and Pinocchio a Tiny toy robot… Well i’m not an english performer (as you can see), so here we go!
C&C are welcome of course!






I love the idea, and the work you have done so far is great! :thumbsup:
Is there any reason why you modeled her shoes on her body? Just wondering.

Can’t wait to see the finished product, keep up the good work!


Hi there!
Small update… I worked on the topo, especially on the leg parts (thighs and knees).

Assassin0323: thanx for your comments! The reason about the shoes is only a template trick! I’ll modele the entire feet with some kind of court shoe.

… And here is my ref I’m inspired by:


The style is great, looking forward to watching this evolve :slight_smile:



Little update, still working on the body… I have to work on the feet to finish the whole body. Then i plan to start the cloth & textures…


Update : )

The base mesh is done (i think), Going to start the clothes… I don’t know if the best way is to include the clothes in the body as a single mesh, or to have two mesh for each object (body and cloth). I’m afraid of th rigging/posing if i’ve got 2 mesh superposed… Tell me what you think about…




Thanks for your speechless advice ;)!
You’re right, i’ll improve those points!


i loved ur work Sebastien keep on


Hi dudes!

It’s been a long time… But still working on it/her :smiley:
I’ve finished the rig on the body and the Uv’s are done, i still have some tricks to correct, especially on the legs & arms/hands joints. But i can already try several pose, to feel how she will be with pinocchio (remember?)
Thanks for watching!


The character is already very nice - greatly stylised and a cute face. The swimsuit doesnt’ really look like 50s’ styling in my eyes. I would go for those typical bright colours of the era (the render with the ‘careau’ pattern looks almost more authentical than the textured version) and give the swimsuit a lower and very straight cut around the legs if wanting a retro look.


Hey thanks for replying Zokana! (I’m big fan of your work!)
There is a little misunderstanding about her cloth… This is not a swimsuit, but the base mesh of her underwear (lingerie) like on the ref below:

And the pattern is a trick to check the uv mapping… I should mentioned it, sorry!
I’ll start texturing when the bad joints will be fixed…
But thank you for your comment!


Ah, my bad - didn’t pay attention to the previously posted ref… The careau trick i know in the meanwhile, but never use it myself :smiley:
Rigging isn’t bad at all btw. Knees in side view do look nicely shaped.

Looking curiously forward seeing your pinocchio pinup! :slight_smile:


I love the style you really have captured the classic pinup look there.


looking nice:) ur character reminds me disney chars:) or barbies


thanks to all for those comments!
Here is a little update… I finally fixed the problems on the joints, I think the skinning is now complete… I worked again on the feet which were a little bit rough (as you can see on the two first pose). Now i guess i’ve got a good base to add the details (maybe by using zbrush) and add the textures (sure with photoshop!). I tried differents poses for testing the rig and have an idea about the final scene. So i think i’ll kept the last one; sat on a retro bar stool…
Here it is…


update! Hard to find time to work on it… but i’ m still there ; )


Nice work I like the style! Looking forward to see the progress


very nice… I like the style very much, just pay a little attention to the elbow, i looks that had been squeezed by the rigging…
keep upping!!
we are very anxious for the results =D


looks real good,love the smooth style reminds me of jessica rabbit a bit.