Pilot Girl, Kamui (2D)


Really nice coloring you got there. Kamui, did you use one of them Wacoms to color your sketch? always wondered how these people colored their sketches with Painter or Photoshop. :bounce:


I know the drawing is crap, but I was in a rush without a tablet… but this is what I was trying to say: in simplest way posible, she needs to stick out her chest more. hope it helps


As ambient whisper said to me, this has to be wow of the most impressive line work displays he’s seen, and I have to agree. You nailed alot of difficult areas, especially the stomach and crouch. I’m in awe of your skill.

You have recieved the CGtalk choice award. Please feel free to display this image anywhere you like! Congrats again, well done

P.S. if you need a different background, please send me a PM with the RGB values.



very nice my friend. not much to say about in the means of critigues . you got a great style with the look .


really cool girl, I like it!!! very good work!


Nice job!


Haha…nicely done, Gary. Very nice image. Congrats on all the great feedback too. How’s your portfolio coming along, anyway? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey hey! Looks like you nailed it on this one! You made the front page!!

Even got a cg award!! Nice!

Nice work as usual. Like I said before, you shoud model something, don’t forget 3D.

btw. I’m planning on modeling a female after my current character, I was wondering if you could help me with a model sheet. Let me know.


HapZungLam: i’ve learned to draw anime on my own i guess. i don’t think there’s any school around that teaches you to draw like that, though i don’t know if there’s much to learn. i have just learned and tried to develop my own style from inspiration of other great artists. i’m not really into the hyper-cutesy, huge eyes tiny nose style. i’ve gradually added more and more realistic touches to my style, and i’m still working on it! :smiley:

etsuko: yes! gotta love them Wacoms! i only have a graphire cuz it’s all i can afford. there is so much immense talent out there of people who can paint with their tablets! getting the hang of it just takes practice :slight_smile: for this picture i drew and colored it with the tablet.

eunuchbot: ahhh, i see what you mean now :wavey: i didn’t see much of a problem before, but i will look out for the next time! thank for the crit!

lildragon: wow, thank you so much. i am very honored to be considered for this on this forum. this is excellent! :bounce:

brasshorse: Aaron, hey! thanks, how’s it goin? my portfolio seems to be adding up with more and more drawings, and not enough 3D work! i must get back into 3D!

Nick: hey buddy :wavey: i know! i can’t believe i made the front :slight_smile: and no, i can’t forget 3D, i must get a job. and sure! if you need help on a model sheet, i’d be glad to help you out on proportions, style,… whatever you need. just gimme a shout

everyone else: thanks so much for the support! :beer:


do something about your bandwidth
I wana see!! :frowning:


dude, i wanna see too.

i am sure cgtalk will be willing to host :stuck_out_tongue:


Very cool work, reminds me of the artist who does macross. Cant wait to see more of your stuff!


all i see is a small red X. and its nothing like the pc up front.


I can not see this pic, what’t happened, Well, I am late…:scream:


i wanna see 2 !!!
what’s wrong?


sorry folks for the problems :thumbsdow
i need to get a website :stuck_out_tongue:
i have a smaller version here. :wavey:

edit: holy crap, my isp quit on me and i clicked the send button a few times and my post got duplicated. hehe, delete delete delte…


Awesome drawing! do you have a website that shows more of your stuff?


holy wow.

that is some really amazin work.



Gorgeous work! :eek:


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