Pilot Girl, Kamui (2D)


an anime mecha/figher pilot girl. sorry no helmet :scream:
sketched + colored in painter 6. :slight_smile:


Very nice… nice leather effect. :thumbsup: The wite outline… mmm it suits in the image.

I´ve got no more useful comments. I like it. :love:


Yep, me too ! Keep posting nice girls-drawings lol :smiley:


That is one wicked drawing.:beer: :thumbsup:


waaaaa~~~ :eek: coolness, Kamui! I’m really falling in love with your work! :love: Man! The way you colored her body really makes her look 3D-ish! Solid and not flat :smiley: put more up ne!


Great work! :thumbsup: I really love her face in particular. There’s just something about it…


Might I say that this is REALLY REALLY great work! I am in love with this style. Maybe the greatest Anami I’ve seen. Beautiful, very beautiful.


perfect… it looks just. awesome…

incredible work! :slight_smile:


Niiiccee… Eyecandy for the eyes and imagination
keep posting i love your style too!

nothing obvious to crit!



Nice girl… now show me that MECH :wink:


:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:


GREAT PIC, but two things bug me… the pose is kinda bland and doesn’t really describe the type of person she is… and second the axis on the chest cavity is pointing straight down instead of down and out same with the pelvic (but in the opposite direction). love the look though!!!


:bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
wow this is sooooooooo g8


Excellent work dude !! :bounce:

Her face is somehow manga style, but also something else. Perhaps a hint of French Fashion Model. I’m not sure, but what I do know is that it looks bucking friljant :slight_smile:



really really nice drawing


Your rendering style is very slick. I like the nice subtle refelection effects on the suit. Cool!:thumbsup:


Hey Kamui remarkeble work would you like to make some concept art for us? We need 2d artists, it’s a loose project just for fun. Would be cool if you could participate and make us some qll scenerys. Greetz



holy crap i made the front page of cgtalk! i can’t believe it! :scream:

thanks to everyone for their extra kind words! :beer: really, you guys are too gracious, and i’m so happy that you like it :slight_smile:

Ultimatebadass: i can try, but man i don’t have much experience with mechs :hmm: i find them quite difficult at times, but it’s definately something i’d like to practice more!

eunuchbot: yes, i apologise for the pose, and i know it’s very bland. in actuality, i was chatting with someone while i was sketching this, and i had been having artist’s block getting a good pose down for awhile, so i kept this one simple… i thought i’d go back to basics and play it safe :stuck_out_tongue:

however, i don’t quite see what you mean about the angles of her chest cavity and her pelvis…

Crash: yow, that is some deep stuff you guys are treadin. i wish i could get some good designs in for you guys,… not sure what qll sceneries are… but i’m kinda in the middle of tryin to get a job right now, so i’m just doing anything that can boost my portfolio. just some 3d modeling, texturing, sketches, drawings,… i wanna get into a game company. i dunno, anything. me inspiration feels like it’s getting weak tho, but if i have some time later i will check out your forums and see if any of my stuff could be useful!

again, thanks to everyone else, and i will try to do more drawings and post them here! :thumbsup:


How did you learn to draw anime? read books? is there any anime school?


:applause: nice!!! nice!!! nice!!! nice!!! :applause: