Hey there!
I’m planning to model/sculpt this character!
Made a simple sketch. Let’s see how this goes!

edit - current progress:

Pigsy / Zhu Ba Jie
chinese mythology character


Just started!


lov the sketch. should be great once finish. but i think character should be modeled from left and front views and then given different poses.


thanks MurtazaRizvi! :slight_smile:
It’s a really rough sketch. I should probably refine it slightly for proper reference.
I’ve decided to make a digital maquette (non-animation-friendly) in this exact pose, hence he’s sculpted in pose directly.

small progress :slight_smile:


I’m intereste to see how you progress with this. Looks like you will be sculpting everrytng including clothes right into the model.


@minifong, ok. looking gud as it proceeds


A little progress here. I’ll move in to the details soon! maybe I should block out the weapon first! :slight_smile:


that’s all for today! :slight_smile:


loving the update, but i think the waist shouldn’t be that much pushed in.


I’ve pushed the waist out a little bit! :wink:

Went ahead to block out his face!

I’m really starting to feel the pain of trying to sculpt to the final stage from just 1 block of mesh! Now, I’m trying to separate the jacket and other clothing into other sub-tools.

I’m not familiar with the interface yet though, I’ll be struggling a little. But before that, gotta finalised the pose, it’s a little toned down and less impactful as compared to the sketch.

Hopefully I’ll have an update later this week!

cheers! Thanks for the comments!


luving the update


Gonna work on the rake weapon next :slight_smile:


wow. looks good, cant wait for the textured one.

of the topic question, are the judges on holidays or something? coz i have submitted work and no response yet and its been 6 days since i submitted the artwork.


Stuff to refine/detail:
1.Volumes in face
2.Silhouette of the limbs and the grabbing claw

New stuff to be added:
1.Sash + Flap + Buckle
2.Gloves and wrist bands
3.Ground to suggest environment
4.Scarf-like thingy
5.Weapon ornamentation
6.More design to clothes
7.Nails and toes


thanks murtazarizvi!
I wouldn’t know if the judges are on holidays! :confused:


thnx, never mind i got the results anyway


I’ve increased the expressiveness of the claw hand
Add a few more pieces of clothing, the ground.

I guess I can go really into the detail of the face and stuff the next time. =)
Critics and comments are most welcome!
I can’t wait to paint him already! :slight_smile:


There is still a lot of work to be done on the sculpt. Everything is ‘blobby’ and lacks any form. You’ve rushed in and tried to detail the character before you’ve established any solid forms. There are alot of places where you’ve used the clay buildup brush without much thought really.

My advice would be to smooth out all the blobbiness/lumpiness and really try to get the underlying forms correct on the character/clothing. Are you using reference for the fabric or the Pig features? This is essential to attain any kind of believability.

Also, as you’re new to sculpting it might be easier to start from a standard T-pose and pose the character once you have laid in most of the work. And it would certainly be easier if you sculpted the clothing as separate sub-tools.


Thanks musashidan!

Yes! Everything is ‘blobby’! I need to spend more time on the form!
Erm, I’m using references but I don’t think I have enough!
I only have 20 plus images of anatomy and pig stuff… I lack fabric references (only a couple)! Thanks for pointing that out!

It’s a separated sub-tool already. :slight_smile: Spent some time to figure that out. Haha!
I’ve no idea how to use the T-pose master thing, so I didn’t dare to model in T-pose… Ahhh… I should have tried it out first… Oh well, I’ll figure that out maybe in my next sculpt!

Really appreciate the critic! :))


Halfway through fixing the blobbiness! :slight_smile: