Pigeon: Impossible


Ohhh! Sweet! :smiley:
In fact, I thought about this project the other day, and really hoped it hadn’t died off.
So it’s great to hear from you again!

Good job, mate.


Hey Lucas the stuff you are doing very inspiring and impressive. just saw all the podcasts and read your whole blog. quite informative and interesting stuff you are talking about. wish you all the best my friend. i will stick around.

best Regards


Podcasts are great! Animation looks superb. Keep up the great work.

I’m following with interest! :slight_smile: :thumbsup:



Your attention to detail, skill, method and finesse are all to be aspired to.

Thanks a lot for the fantastic tutorials.


Really nice, I love it ! :cool:

Keep going


Thanks guys! Podcast #012 is up and talks about the importance of promoting and supporting your film as it begins its film-festival run. We’ll be back to more CG-related matters next week. :slight_smile:



Nice "pimpin’ :smiley:


Podcast #013 is up and shows an idea for achieving real-time motion blur, as well as a more cartoony smear blur that could replace motion blur entirely in certain animation styles.



I would pay an arm and a leg for motion blur in the Maya Viewport with deform. Great stuff! :smiley:


We just released the Pigeon: Impossible trailer! There’s several viewing options available, including HD versions on the top of the homepage: http://www.pigeonimpossible.com/


Podcast #014 is online and explains why the film took so long to make, and how you can avoid the same mistakes.



Congratulations Lucas! cake cake beer beer beer beer beer

I think it’s a incredible achievement to have got…

  1. The quality this high on the visuals and character animation.

  2. To have completed the film.

(this is really the most important thing…somebody once said to me, it doesn’t matter how long you take, as long as you get it completed. This is a controversial thing to say…but, I feel that it’s kind of true…I mean lets just take Yuriy Norshteyn for example here…who has made some of the best animations ever…if indeed they have taken a very long time)

  1. To have such a great musical score done (with orchestra) for Pigeon Impossible.

It’s looking / sounding great…and the very best of luck with the next one / future.


Thanks Michael, I’ve been following your blog for a while now and always look forward to more animation from you! And thanks for mentioning the score! Sound never seems to get quite as much props as it deserves. (BTW, all of the budget was spent on the score and the sound design, we didn’t spend a dime on the visuals)


Podcast #15 is up and talks about motivating a character’s actions with thought and emotion, as well as physical anticipation.



I’ve found your podcasts really informative and useful.
can’t wait to see more.


Thanks! Podcast #16 is online and covers how to develop a “motion language” for a character that helps to create a consistent and unique personality.



I truly admire your perseverance (or what ever word fits :smiley: ) on this project.
Not only to produce such a huge project, but also to keep on with these podcast.

They are really great (love your very scientific charts!).

Best of luck with in every aspect with your film. You really deserve it :slight_smile:



Thanks Doffer, yeah I wish I had more time to keep up with these podcasts, I’ve still got quite a few more planned, but once a week is really taking its toll on me. In the meantime…

Podcast #17 is up and talks about the wing controls, broken rigging, and other tricks we used to rig the pigeon.



Podcast #18 is online and talks about a few shots we lit “all in the render” and how that compares to a multipass approach.



Amazing amount of inspiration!! Awesome that you share it ! Stunnin what you have accomplished

Best of luck to you!