Pigeon: Impossible Short Film


We just released our animated short film “Pigeon: Impossible.” The 6-minute short took nearly 5 years to complete and involved approximately 100 artists and musicians. You can check it out at www.pigeonimpossible.com.


Congrats on seeing this film out Lucas - 5 years on a project takes some serious commitment! The film is great, very professional, funny, awesome music, and a very wicked ending. Hats off.

The blog and production diary have been great to follow as well. Best of luck with future endevours!


Great job, It’s really well done. Congrats on finishing.


Wow … great work Man, congrats to whole team, It was a real fun to watch, I liked the effects a lot. congrats once again


Hi. I was following your project on your website and I am very happy to see it finally finished!
Absolutely awesome stuff. This whole short looked very professional. Great animations and special effects. Keep it up! I think this should be frontpage!


Hi LucasMartell,

That was amazing and it made me chuckle, excellent work!

I have been following your podcasts for sometime now and am glad I have seen the finnished piece! Great job on the piece, I look forward to learning from you from fxphd at some stage in the future too!


Wow, five years? That’s a huge commitment, so congratulations to everyone involved. I hope some exposure on the front page here makes everyone happy!


HAHAHA finally! it done , everyone should see their podcast!

very very educative


YES!!! the ending has win all over it…


Congratulations Man. Great job! Very very profesional and thanks for all the podcasts :smiley:


great job! very, VERY nicely done. i just feel you could use the sound better during the part where pigeon starts messing around with the device on street.

hats off!:applause:



I´ve been following your work trough Youtube (your making of videos are very inspirational, and very fun to watch, BTW).

P:I is amazing, and you guys sure did a huuuge amount of work. Looks - and sounds - as a big studio production.

Congratulations to all involved! :buttrock:


Really cool! Awesome direction! Congratz guys!


Hey Lucas. Really good job!

Really good all the way through, and amazing commitment!



Haha, that was fun. Excellent work guys.
Congrats on finishing it!


Been following your podcasts for a few years now, the end result looks absolutely amazing. Really great work and can’t wait to see the awards come flooding in for this one :applause:


Congrats! Very nice work! :wavey:


This is so great!


I predict somewhere in-between 40 to 80 awards…of course I don’t know how many places its been sent to.

But its incredible across everything
.detail, story and music.


Fantastic work! I remember this work you started long time ago. I have only one crit: in several frames both pigeon (tme 1 min appr) and the agent freeze completely that it seems the movie has frozen as nothing else moves in the frame. I hope you celebrated this event, it must be a big relief!
PS: the agent sucks… a superagent who was outperformed by a pigeon. But this is not serious, definitely deserved a front page.