Piedad, Vladimir Minguillo (3D)


Title: Piedad
Name: Vladimir Minguillo
Country: Peru
Software: Maya

Hi guys,
I wanted to improve my abilities of modelling so i decided to model the michelangelo’s pietà.
I hope you like it.


Great work man !!!:thumbsup:
Great cloth!:eek:
can you tel me more ditails about your modeling ? wire ? please?

no joy without alloyo!


WOW… I think this is my first o second time give 5 stars… is amazing reproduction because I know more good the PIEDAD because I stay this winter in ROME and I saw long time this esculture… I have only critic, the virgin expression is more sad in the real esculpture, but IS GREAT, GREAT, GREAT JOB.
5 stars for my

Impresionante trabajo… hace poco que estuve en Roma y la PIEDAD fue uno de mis motivos por el que fui… has captado estupendamente el sentido a la escultura… la levedad del peso de Cristo es perfecta, lo unico que critico un poco es la expresion de la Vigen que es un poco mas triste… aun asi te doy 5 estrellas…(creo que es la segunda vez que doy 5).


Im speechless, no joke. That model is INSANE! Mind bogglingly good.

Hope your damn proud of yourself for this, fan-freakin-tastic!


holy cow…IMPROVE your modelling skills?!! that’s unbelievably good. I’m gobsmacked too.
5 stars from me. would love to know how long it took you. congrats.


sheeeeeiiiit - thats INSANE!
Have you got some wires to show? It looks too good!
Im not too keen on the very procedural looking marble texture, but the actual modeling is astounding, and id love to see how you made the cloth parts as i model a lot of clothes similar to those at work.


Wow! I am love it. Very good job!



5 starts!!! excellent work!


it’s briliant. nuff said. :twisted:



Great work…cloth is very nice. Can we see a wireframe of your image… How did u really manage it Vladimir.

But really cool work. Keep it up


wooww…that is a super sclupture modeling job… :eek: ,how long the time u take to done this???


Dude thats amazing! nothing els but amazing!


looks amazing! :thumbsup:

love to see more !!


amazing modeling. i am speechless. i am putting the original one just to compare, if u dont mind.


Damn, that looks really stunning. Nothing more to improve on your modeling skills. 5 stars from me :thumbsup:


this is superb!, wow amazing modelling man. only i dont like to much is the procedural shader that you have here. But the modelling for himself is really amazing!


Impressive work.

The two things that stand out to me though that could be improved would be his calf/knee and the texture on the side of Jesus.

Where the calf blends with the thigh/knee it looks like your version is a bit too skinny and blobby. I would really sharpen up that angle.

On Jesus the procedural texture has created somthing of a loop on his chest that is reading as lighting, incorrect lighting, on a part that you’ve really accurately defined. There are a couple small places here and there where I think your texture is actually hurting how your model reads. Maybe some plain texture renders?


Great work,Like to see mesh flow please


great and impressive work.nothing to say. you deserve 5 stars…


Amazing. Five stars.