pics of go-go dancers from Side Fx party!!


Check these out…



hey Eric…you need to upload them somewhere and post the address.

Those addresses are local addresses to your machine.

I bet these girls are hot…So make sure and upload’em for us :slight_smile:


Eric, I’m amazed all the other things you have in that ‘girls’ directory. (Just kidding, we really can’t see into it…)



OR CAN WE?..dum dum dum dum…


waitaminute !!!

some of them aren’t even girls !!!






hehe, they were! I was without camera and probably too distracted to get photos anyways.

Why is it brunettes can always dance better than blondes?


This reminds me the comment by Daniel Maskit from Digital Domain at the Propietary Software in Post Panel: all these smart people at SIGGRAPH but you can’t get the Powerpoint presentations to play right.



OK, here’s a picture if you’re really starved.


PS - Please check out my write-up about the other stuff at SIGGRAPH too - there was more going on that go-go dancers:


Nice Jeremy,

Good write up, that new renderman plug in for maya looks great.

What’s your opinion on gleato though? I know you touch on it a bit in your article, but what do you really think of it, is it something you would use right now, or you think it’s still has 2 to 3 years to go ?

btw, the go go girls are lookin sweet, they should have them every 2 meters @ siggraph :slight_smile:


I hope you got from the article, I really don’t know yet about gelato. It seemed like some expensive kit to run that renderfarm with those boxx workstations and quadro cards and the gelato licenses themselves, maybe you could do better for the money on other stuff. But who knows about the future. And even if they are right and processing on GPU’s becomes standard practice in a few years, who’s to say if they will be the winner or if other renderers are adapting themselves to do computation on GPU’s. In terms of the people involved, I had great respect for the folks at Ex Luna developing Entropy, but then the company that aquired them, nVidia, seemed to say a lot of things that seemed like empty hype, so again, I just don’t know.

A funny story: I was doing volunteer work at the pixar booth, just helping with crowd control during the first hour of the day when the posters were given away, so I had a pixar shirt that said pixar on the back and renderman on the front, that everyone wore at the booth. When I went around, doing the same kinds of booth visits that I’ve always done looking at what’s new, I found a few of the booths that were selling renderers to be less helpful, less willing to give me a complete demo, than I usually expect, and I realized it might be because the shirt made me look like a renderman salesman. I changed back into another shirt, and visiting booths became more informative again.



damn thats some nice eye candy. i mean, i appreicate the human anatomy of that female and the gesture quality. eerr… nice reference for figure drawing excercise. nice stuff.


It was really a blast! SideFX knows out to throw parties for sure :slight_smile:


Whew! Whoever said they could see into my computer’s “girls” directory almost gave me a heart attack… Okay, I’ll try to post them again tonight…



Ah good…I was kicking myself for not bringing my camera. The Go-Go girls were verrrry nice.

ACM Siggraph Chapter party was very nice as well…but Side FX takes the prize (again, apparently).

Way to go Sarah!


Hee, hee, hee…



Quit scaring the naive artists… :argh: :wink:

Finally got my ray-tracer working (almost). good night.



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