PhysX integration



I’ve been googling around for information of PhysX integration (mainly exporting) for XSI and right now I’m under the impression that something was meant to be done couple of years ago, but didn’t really get done? am I right?

As I’m quite a n00b in simulations, if we would have a PhysX “exporter”, how much of an XSI or ICE simulation could be exported out and manipulated outside XSI? All of it?


You may find this tutorial relevent -


Thanks for the link!

I didn’t read it yet in detail, but this tutorial seems to plot animation - this is not really what I’m after.

I would want to export the simulation out “alive”, so it could be resimulated outside XSI - I would then basically use XSI as a PhysX authoring tool in the same way I’m using it to produce models to be used “outside”.

I recently learned that there is at least one effort ongoing to tackle this, but it’s not ready yet.


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