Physical Sky in Max 9,any chance porting to Maya ?


I have just read the new feature of 3DSMax 9 and really interested in the new MR physical sky shader
Any chance for us to use this shader in Maya. Could anyone port it to Maya, that seem a great shader…


That’s a feature from Mental Images, so it will be in releases of Max, Maya, and XSI.

Maya 8 shipped sooner than Max 9. I guess that feature didn’t quite make it in time for Maya 8 and will be in the next release.



Well it all depends on the OEM company, Softimage, Autodesk, etc.
They all open up access to different features of Mental Ray.
Look at XSI they don’t give you many Mental Ray features.
Most of the good Mental Ray shaders have been from 3rd parties (tek2shoot, ctrl_studios).
So I’m guessing someone like that would be able to access it.
You probably just need the .dlls from max and write the interface code
and it would all be good to go. This is one reason I moved to Max9 and the unlimited rendering :slight_smile:


Yes, I hope someone could port it to Maya like the way pixero do with the lume pack. The fact I dont believe they will release a maya version with this shader… IMO, the preset of maya is never good and in all case, we must make it ourself


I suppose it’s not mental ray feature it’s max9 feature, just environment shader maybe some combination with area light. Like Maya IBL. And I suppose Maya never will be support it because it’s really not needed. You may use IBL node for this purpose.


@Puppet: Great you are here and I hope you could port it :slight_smile:
You think that s the 3DSMax feature? But what I read on Autodesk site say it s a shader

mental ray now has shader support for a physical sky based on the Sun position and turbidity of the atmosphere, reducing pixelation, and creating more accurate results. When artists use this feature, a gradient with soft shadows from the Sun is created automatically

and the image I see from Dagon post is really impress and It s a true physical sky IMO
I have no idea how It work but I think It may be an environent shader or light shader


You think that s the 3DSMax feature? But what I read on Autodesk site say it s a shader

I suppose it’s just new shader from autodesk (not mental images) only for max and it’s not part of mental ray like: base, physics, contour and subsurface libraries.
But maybe I’m wrong :slight_smile:

and the image I see from Dagon post is really impress and It s a true physical sky IMO

You can get same result using IBL node with ramp in Maya. It’s new feature for 3dsmax9 because it have no any Maya’s IBL node analog before.


nope, it’s a mental ray shader coming with max 9 :wink:
.dlls are here, all people can get it downloading max 9 trial
the shaders work well with maya 8 :thumbsup:


maya is autodesk now, so, i could be wrong but maya 8.5 will have these shaders :wink:

it’s really different, the physical sky is like an hdri (you need to use a tonemapper to make it work properly), and the sky is generated (physically) by the sun direction… and the sun appear in render in the right position :wink:


yeap, thanks for the confirm, dagon :slight_smile:

the shaders work well with maya 8

wow, I am really curious, how could you know it… or you have try to port it, dagon?
By the way, because maya is now autodesk, so I wonder If they will release V8.5 soon, or they 'll force us to wait until the 9 version :eek: :deal:


Looks like I’m wrong and it’s really new shaders from mental images 'mia_ ’

There is no difference between ramp, hdr, tif, exr and any other shader like sky if same gradient in it.


yeah, but i dont know if it’s just a ramp or something more “sophisticated”
fR use a special shader for the physical sky with a “wavelength based rendering scheme” (could be just marketing? dont know :wink: )
but i dont know the mental ray physical sky specification, so you could be right :wink:


Wavelength matters for sheer accuracy. The sky’s color is determined by Rayleigh scattering - it just so happens air molecules are the perfect size to scatter light of the 400-500 nm wavelength which corresponds to blue:

The sun is at slightly different positions each day, passing through different volumes, which means the shape isn’t going to be a perfect gradient of blue and violets you can reproduce easily. I think if you do just eyeball a gradient though, it will look good anyway.


Of course we can imitate these features by using ramp on sphere for GI, HDRI for reflections, with a plugin for HDRshop ets. But I guess the physical sky shader is not just a ramp on environment.
In Maxwell render and in Vray you can change the parameters like Turbidity, Ozone, Water amount, etc.
In 3d max you can link sun to a daylight system, orient it, set the date, month, time and then you will have real position of sun for your scene depending on time.
Imitation of these parameters is just a question of your working time, Physical sky and sun is imitation too but in more convenient way. :slight_smile:


I want to try this shader so much :)…maybe I will download max 9 trial 2 9…


we badly need a ctrl_sky from francescaluce. :slight_smile:


It will be great if francescaluce could made us a ctrl_sky :bounce: . But It will be simpler just to port the shader to maya :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


where are you francescaluce :bounce: :bounce:
allso ctrl_sss :thumbsup:
actioly all ctrl shader is grate i hope francescaluce made ctrl_sss


one of the max guys at work is using the physical sky with the architectural materials that come with mental ray for max 9. ive gotten the physical sky to show up in maya 8. im still playing with getting results out of it.

my question is, can you get the architectural materials to work in maya 8 and will the physical sky have the controls such as year, time and time zone? i copied over the .dll and the .mi and put it into the rayrc already.


I have created a physical sky shader for mental ray, check this thread.