physical render ends


Hello, is it correct that MAXON stop develop the built-in physical-render?


To my knowledge no work has been done since they added support for Embree (I think?) ages ago. Yes, you could day development has ceased. It’s ridiculous that the app’s built-in renderer is so slow and outdated. I guess they want us to buy Redshift now. Best of luck with that…


When you stick to older version like r19 then you do not have to be a consumer. Even some architectural offices use photoshop cs2 because there is not need to be a consumer.


Should have bought Corona Render for the CPU part instead of Chaos Group … but I guess buying 2 render engines proved a bit too much.


To answer the OP Physical has been dead as a dodo for years, it was dead on the day of release, too slow to be of any use. GPU rendering took off in C4D primarily because of artists wanting to escape how awful the native renderers were (are).

When Corona came up for sale I expected Maxon to buy it, maybe they tried and were out bid but Corona would’ve made a lot of sense to replace the archaic Standard and Physical renderers. I find it amazing that a company with such massive income and resources cannot develop their own in-house renderer and ship it in the product.

Maxon appears not to be embarrassed that C4D ships with such dated rendering tech and forces the user to invest in a premium 3rd party renderer, I include Redshift in that because it’s still not integrated as a native renderer should be. I see that you can no longer buy and own Redshift, it too is set to become subscription only.

In the immortal words of John Joseph Lydon Esq. ‘Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?’


Its not dead. It is pretty useful for animation.
At the moment I use physical renderer for animation projects.
With Ryzen 9 it is quite fast and dof effect is nice.

For archviz I think Vrayforc4d or Corona is much better.

Old renderers are good for old c4d files that can be converted
to third party renderers. Sometimes I have used standard renderer
to make 3d art. It has oldschool feel to it if you know how to use it.


Define ‘quite fast’. Put some numbers up and a representative scene.

I think we all know that ‘quite fast’ wouldn’t compare favourably to a modest GPU running any other renderer.

How do you make the ‘standard renderer’ output the ‘oldschool feel’? In my experience all you had to do was just hit render. Both physical and standard renderers are abominations in 2021 as they were a decade ago. Pretending otherwise doesn’t do you any favours.


You will still find the renderers that ship with C4D still in use in studios around the world. Not every projects requires or would even benefit from RS or Octane or VRay. Some projects are better rendered with the standard renderer or physical.

Use the appropriate renderer for your job.



Are you seriously suggesting that if Maxon shipped a modern CPU renderer like Corona with C4D or even a GPU renderer like Eevee there would be a single use case for Standard or Physical? These tired and dated renders are only used because that’s all that is available not because they’re appropriate for the job.

By making that case you’re defending Maxon’s inability to deliver a modern rendering solution that the customer isn’t required to pay a premium for. How is it the B* developers can develop not one but two production quality rendering solutions on much less than 1/25 of the revenue of Maxon? Maxon has a bigger list of job vacancies than B* has full-time developers.

You’ve become conditioned to accept second best, be thankful for it and pay through the nose for it.


@Infograph All I’m saying is, those renderers still have a place in a lot of studios pipelines. Use the renderer that’s right for the job, just like you use Houdini or some other package to get jobs done. If I remember correctly, you’re a big proponent of Blender. Yet here you are, on the C4D forum, which tells me you understand that you use what gets your job done the way you want it to look.

To quote Anton Chigurh, “you pick the one right tool.”



You deftly ignored the point. People only use Standard or Physical in their pipelines because they have no choice, it’s not that they’re right for any job in 2021. I’ve seen organisations that struggle to get funding for a DCC and to then try and get further funding for a 3rd party renderer is impossible so they have to make do with what ships. These poor bastards have to live with decade old tech and performance because Maxon would prefer to trouser profits than invest in developing a modern renderer.

Maxon would rather customers paid a premium for Redshift just to have a modern renderer but even Redshift is beginning to look dated and by no means the performance leader it was several years ago. Most other renders look better and have either caught up or surpassed it in speed.

Don’t customers feel the slightest bit short changed?

Yes, I’m here on the C4D Forum because I bet I’ve spent more on C4D than the vast majority of people here, I’ve certainly paid to have a view on C4D. I hold my hands up at the accusation I’m a big proponent of B*, does it show? :wink: In years gone by when we were a C4D only studio my business partner and I would joke that we hoped we’d never be poor enough to have to use B*. How things change.


When I got into 3d there were much more problem with speed and
you had to wait hours to render few frames animation instead of minutes.