Physical Render DOF Blurry Reflections in a Mirror


Physical Render DOF Blurry Reflections in a Mirror

Am I missing something or is this not possible?

In the example image here, you can see how the striped object on the right starts going out of focus, yet in the reflection it does not.

Am I missing some silly tick box? I’ve been digging through the manual and googling, not finding much.

Roughness is not accurate and not an option.


Interesting. I am not shure if it because of the nature of the Sphere that it resizes the size of the reflected objects and therefor also the effect of the dof or if it is a bug. even with the cube I got slightly other results then expected.
here the cube:

here the sphere (polygonal):


no matter how big I render out the shere I see no idication of dof in the reflection. here the sceene to play around: (207.9 KB)


realworld example:

the DOF effect in the reflection of the sphere is much less then you would expect (looking at the background). But I think the two areas (Blue and green arrow) indicate, that objects that are further away get some amound of Blur. Unfortunately I have not the tools here to make a better Picture, maybe someone can help out?
scaling is a issue here obviously, but the lack of any dof in the 3d picture feels strange. Is this a physical effect?


Does this also happen in Normal and ProRender ?


A sphere won’t have any discernable dof on it in the real world so this behavior is physically correct. This is part of why a sphere is useful for capturing hdris and such too. You will notice no depth of field on a perfect refractive sphere either.

The way to think about it is that the ray from the camera to a point on the sphere is such a close angle at any point that the defocus ing is just too small to really see.




Thanks! I was beginning to think I was going insane. Thanks for examples and explanation!


verry nice that you clear things up. thanks for that.


So DoF is not basically the same thing as having a forced shortsightedness ?
Being sortsighted myself I know I can’t see far using a mirror. But I’ve never had a reflective sphere in my hands … Will I be able to see further than my possible focal point if I stare through a reflective sphere ?