Physical Light Shader and AO


Is there any point in using AO with this shader? It already casts the soft shadows that eliminates the need for ray trace/depth map shadows, what about ambient occlusion…is it needed at all?

Also anything else that should run in conjunction with the physical light shader? I am using mib blackbody for color temperature control, within an area light (using light shape), and that’s pretty much it. I’m also using a linear workflow and unified sampling. I also need to put a surface shader on the lights (was going to use mia_light_surface, but trying to avoid FG)

I’m trying to get more realism out of the shots. Any suggestions?


Worked on an animation a while ago that required a similar environment: a factory building with bracings below the ceiling and lights directing towards the floor. The indirect lighting for the ceiling had to come from the light bouncing off from the floor and i had much trial and error to get this all lighted halfway realistic. I used area lights with mental ray physical light shaders for each visible light. The area lights had a spherical light shape which i scaled down to a flat sphere. The thing is that some light had to be emitted into the ceiling direction, but not “too” directly, thats why a rectangle light blocker sits a bit above the area light. The primary visibility of the blocker shapes was set to off. The indirect lighting was completely computed using importons and irradiance particles. I tried FG but this did not look as realistically and took a lot more time to render. At the end i baked the whole lighting into textures for the whole environment geometry, the only variable geometry was the machine in the center of the hall, which was lighted in a separate scene using global illumination and final gathering and comped together in AE.


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