Photoshop wishlist.


1- Painting in perspective on the fly.
2- Brushes with dynamic attributes in 3d space. Value / Color or otherwise.
3- Blend tools and better smudge tools. In regards to speed and effect. Check Painter!



A revamp of Displace
Select a channel/channels in active doc
Anti-aliasing options on output
16 bit support for the really big docs as 256 D-Maps just aren’t smooth enough for the big 'uns


stroker…you can select channels with shortcuts and 16bit support is pretty thorough in CS

just out of interest, what do you mean by AA option on output?


AA what do u mean?

just use shortcuts


Sorry for the confusion. I meant all of that stuff for Displace. For example, you can’t use a 16-bit D-Map (from what I’ve been told). Also meant to be able to select a channel from the active doc for a 1 channel D-Map instead of loading a seperate PSD.

As for AA, that one is kind of hard to explain. The only interpolation that Displace does is on the D-Map when Stretch to Fit is turned on, and that’s not nearly enough for some applications.

Lately, I’ve heard of several people trying to use Displace on rather large documents and the jaggies get very nasty. Since it’s largely a matter of scale, 256 shades just aren’t enough with bigger numbers (doc dimensions and/or percentages). Need 16-bit or some sort interpolation tossed in beyond Stretch to Fit.

Man, a real tough one to explain.


how about optional wrapping when you move a layer out of the canvas. Meaning that if you use the move tool and move the layer left, instead of leaving empty space on the right, it would repeat the image.

also, “tile preview” would be nice too. For example, if you would have 256x256 image, you could see it being repeated 3x3 (768x768) to see how it tiles. :wink:


I would love to have a feature where I could select multiple layers at once and move them up or down.

A displace filter without having to use a psd and with a preview window would be nice.

Be able to dock palettes (that goes for all Adobe products)

3D options similar to what AE has.

That’s all I can think of right now, everything else about it rocks!


Better handling of scripting (using the eyedrop color picker, user mouse interactivity, script listener)
New filters
Customizable shortcuts
Better vector formats handling
Paint images on your canvas with a special paintbrush (like PSP and painter have)
Possible to modify your actions from a text editor


I would like to have:

  • customizable toolbars, or even better, shelfs like Maya, you can make any command you want a toolbar button.
  • customizable interface, menu’s can be changed.


What I really want - More intuitive/intelligent menus that are content sensitive (think 3d progs like Max and Maya). So that When I right click an item choices come up relating to it.

Oh and FIX THE FRICKIN brush menu so that it goes away when I pick a brush!! (doesn’t seem to be fixed in CS)

I don’t know if you know this but you can accomplish this with Filter>Other>Offset.

This is already possible by linking the layers you want and then moving the selected (see attachment).



Non-destructive plug-ins… (Like some audio plug-ins.)


I like all the ideas metioned here, but a “B” button would be really nice. In Maya you can resize the brush size when holding the “B” and draggin the mouse. That’d be a really nice feature. Just all the little things that improve the workflow and speed it up a loooooot. :thumbsup:


There’s [ and ]. not as fast as a mouse dragging and in a matter of fact does sometimes some problems…


I’ve got another one…

-quick way to rotate the canvas quickly using the mouse or stylus and a hotkey. the Amount you drag the stylus the more it rotates.
did I mention blending tools!? BLENDING TOOOOLSSS like PAINTER!!!

I say good day.


I know you can toggle through brush sizes and brush pre sets, but what I would really like is to toggle through TOOL pre sets. I have a lot of custom brushes with color attributes and sizes assosiated with them.

a “wrap around” mode would be sweet for painting seemless textures.

and like previously mentioned non-destructive filters and plug-ins in the form of adjustment laters like after effects.or maybe part of layer effects .

OH yeah smudge blur sharpen and doge burn desaturate all integrated in to the brush tool.
so you can paint and smudge at the same time. ahh the possibilities. as of right now keeping the seperate is redundant in many cases and very limiting. like the airbrush and pen being seperate tools as well.

  • Editable ASCII Actions
  • Script Listner
  • Resize brush using control+drag, control+shift+drag or some other combination of keys
  • Blend brushes
  • Liquify and Extract built in the GUI without having to call another window
  • Slanted guides
  • Double click in guides opens numeric input insted of the guides preferences
  • Envelope tool with bezier control
  • Better perspective tools
  • 16bit color values in Info palette, Levels, Curves and so on when working in 16bit
  • Since we already have some neat features for video like pixel aspect ratio what about a frame buffer option via Firewire or compatible boards, so you can see what you’re doing while working like in Synthetic Aperture Echo Fire
  • Ajustment layers for effects
  • Insted of having two shortcuts to open and close the File Browser, could be just one that toggles it (more clever I think)
  • Color Picker with option for Color wheel (if similar with the CorelDRAW one it would be awesome)
  • Color mixer ala Combustion and Painter
  • Shortcuts for Alignment tools (I’m not aware of any but please forgive if there any already)
  • Tilt support for the Airbrush like in Painter would be cool too
  • Rotate canvas ala Painter
  • And please ressurect Merling he’s such a nice bloke :wink:

I think for now that’s it.

see you all around :thumbsup:


That doesn’t seem to work for me… it only moves the layer that is selected and the linked stay put.

That would be very nice :slight_smile:


Maybe, you use a selection? When you have a selection, it won’t moves other layers. Otherwise it should move them too (even with the transform tools aka. rotate, skale, free transform etc.)

  1. I would like a separate unit preference for the line tool (because when you hit tab and the whole box highlights, your units are assumed to be the ruler units, and i always want strokes in pixels, rulers in cm, and dpi in inches)

  2. I want actions to obey “ignore profile mismatches” warnings

  3. I want export paths to illustrator to constantly append .ai to the filename like it says its doing when it saves it

  4. I want the move tool to obey the option set to not “auto select layers” when the command key is depressed as this is the modifier key to invoke it on most tools, so force of habit drives me nutts when it ignores it because the move tool is already selected.

  5. I would like the transform tool not to transform a path when its not active.

  6. I would like to be able to edit paths drawn by the rectangle tool with the common path editing tools without having to jump to the path tool beforehand.

  7. I would like a display but for all other purposes ignore layer command…i dont want to select it and i certainly dont want to be warned about it being locked afterwards.

  8. I would like some way of using more than 2gb of ram.

  9. I would like adjustment layers to be optionally ignored when taking colour picker samples for colour.

  10. I would like to be able to see paths and cross hairs on grey, and being able to colour them so i can see them on other problematic backgrounds like complex black and white plans.

  11. I dont want the filter gallery all the time, when i do, i want some sort of saveable presets

  12. I want a spline based distortion tool.

  13. I want the filters updated.

  14. I want a file clean command (scrap all paths and channels) in one hit.

  15. I want a gradient preview on screen.

  16. I want some modifier key consistancy between adobe apps.

  17. I would like a way to flick through full screen open documents…I dont want to tile or whatever, i just want to ctrl tab or something through them

  18. Even though I dont want my clipboard to be exported I would like not for it to be lost even though I’ve just clicked the desktop…it can stay in PS but please make just PS keep it.



I dont know if this has been mintioned (forgive my spelling, its early in the morning, must sleep:argh:)
I for one think it would be usefull to have font viewer, now (at least in 7, I dont have CS) when you go to type all you see are the fonts names----------as to in microsoft word, you see what the fonts LOOK like, I dunno, I just think it’d be helpful