Photoshop to Chyron Infinit!?


Hopefully this is the right plkace for this.
Does anyone know how to get files created in Photoshop, using OS X or OS 9 to a Chyron Infinit!? My station is looking to scrap our Liberty Paintbox (the original system) and go directly from a G4 to the Chyron. The chief engineer seems to be painting this as an obstacle, but I know there’s gotta be a way. Help!!!


Just for curiosity, what is Chyron Infinit?

If I knew what is I might be able to help ya.

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Okay, a Chyron is software/hardware setup that is used to make graphics available to put on the tv for news and other shows. Currently we use Photoshop to make our graphics then we send them to the Liberty and then to the Chyron. Liberty paint box is an application that runs on Silicon GFX machines. Basically an expensive (stupid) version of Photoshop. We want to remove this second step, and go directly from the Mac to the Chyron. We have been told of a plugin, but nobody can find where it is. Again, any help would be appreciated.


Ok, so basically you need to send your PS files to this system, so far so good.

You will need layers or just the alpha?

If just the alpha have you tried formats like SGI, TGA, TIF among others that support alpha?

Do you know the file formats that this Chyron Infinit works or accepts to import?


We use both Layers and Alpha. But we can always flatten them. Supposedly the Chyron supports TGA. It will actually save the file as something else. Here comes the fun part. We know the IP address for the system, the passwords, and all that fun stuff. The problem, according to our IT guy, is that it requires a 2 way connection. One in and one out. However, someone from another station told us that there use to be a plugin that would allow for all of this, however they lost it and it can’t be found. Chyron Corp. makes a setup that does all this, but it requires the use of a PC, and that is our absolute last option.


Seems like you need to contact the manufacturer of the Chyron to me. You don’t even know what file formats it supports. How do you even know youre going to have a problem? Maybe I’m missing something. You’re getting all your info from people you work with about it which seems to be more like educated guessing than anything else.

I’m sure if you’re thinking of purchasing a product from them, they would be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Found this but I honestly have no idea if it would do you any good or not becasue it looks like it was written for an ancient version of PS. Also it says “There have been reports of certain incompatibilities with Photoshop 5.0 and later.” But maybe there is a newer version out there somewhere.

Also this,

SENDING TO INFINIT from a MacIntosh:

  1. Open up Fetch program.
  2. Go to Customize, Preferences and Download.
  3. Set Default binary type/creator to Type: CH60 and Creator: CHGC.
  4. Make a connection to your Infinit, Max or Maxine and locate the message directory where you want to send the graphic.
  5. Choose Binary format.
  6. Select Put file.
  7. Select desired file to send and convert.
  8. Choose OPEN.
  9. When prompted to Save file on selected machine:
    a.) As: use 0.0/INFINIT/TGA/.xxxx
    Note: Use TIF for tif file without alpha channel
    Use TIFA for tif file with alpha channel
    Use TGA for tga file with or without alpha channel
    b.) Format: Raw Data
  10. When conversion is completed, close connection by closing Fetch.

Here’s the other way around.


  1. Open Fetch.
  2. Under Customize, choose Preferences. Open Download tab and uncheck Use Download Folder. Choose OK.
  3. Under FILE, choose New Connection. A New Connection dialog window will open. Enter the Chyron IP address. Password and User ID will be blank and directory will be “/”. Choose OK.
  4. A new window will open with a file/folder list on the left. Get and Put buttons on the right, and file types on the bottom right. Set the file type to Binary.
  5. Hold down the Option key and choose the GET button. A dialog will open where you must enter the path and file name of the file to be transferred and converted. The file must be in a Message directory and the word Message must be substituted by the type of file to be converted to, TGA or TIF or TIFA. For example, if the file is. XXXX within the Message directory within the Max directory, and I want to convert it to a Targa file, the path would be MAX/TGA/.XXXX. Once the correct path structure is entered, choose OK.
  6. After about 30 seconds a placement dialog will open where the file will be placed and what the name of the file will be on the computer. If the original was. XXXX on the Chyron and the file on the computer were to be a Targa file, the entry could be XXXX.tga. Choose Save.
  7. The converted file will appear at the destination in a few seconds.

I found quite a bit of stuff on google about it…


okay, we already own the product. We have already contacted the manufacturer and they told us it possible, but they don’t know how and that’s when they stopped being helpful. Adobe’s people acted like a bunch of 3rd graders and their “experts” had no idea what we needed. Yes, out IT guy says that, but at the same time we have been told that you don’t need 2 connections. We already have a problem in the fact that our Liberty is one of the oldest models and is dying. We know it’s possible but when we try on our own it doesn’t work. And our IT dept. is sometimes less then helpful. Our G4 had been messed with so much it barely worked and they waited until this past week to do anything. We found out how to send it the slow way without a plugin and without a 2 way connection. But the problem is we get a connection error. It may be futile, but we have to try.


tried the FTP, but the OS X version of Fetch doesn’t recoginze
any of our addresess. We have tried several others that recoginze out other graphic servers, but the Chyron one doesn’t get recognized. We tried the run around like it says all Friday morning and afternoon. As for the plugin it’s windows. But I appreciate your help.


assuming you dont have the plugin on the PC either and you have to use ftp, then theres no reason why osx couldnt connect as easily as the pc.

i would be calling chyron and getting them to walk you through it…surely theyre capable of that?


For a quick answer:
you have to export from Photoshop as an “RGBa”.

There should be an export plug-in to be downloaded from Chyron. Or maybe you can find it on a third party site. If Chyron doesn’t have it, then try a google search.

Once you have exported the RGBa from PS you can then upload them through fetch or dump them on a Zip, Jaz or Bernoulli disc. Your Infinit should have one of those drive attatched to it. Heck, you may even have a CD drive.

Hope that helps.


I will have to try the disk idea after the morning show today.


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