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due to the fact, that nobody answerd my last thread I thought, maybe I asked the wrong question. so here is my next attempt :slight_smile:

how do you make your multi layerd renderings?

and if you use LWs PSD exporter, which workarounds do you have to get radiosity and colored lights?

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Not sure what your asking but sounds like you may want to use photoshop to edit the psd exporter files to get the color and shading the way you want it. then use a compositing program to composite them over the animation.

got any examples of what your trying to do.


well what I want to achieve is a way to reduce over all rendertime. If stuff like light color could be taken over in a psd layer this could make things easier. the same is with the settings for the plugin. look at the specular channel: the setting in LW is 120%, the light is at 50% and the plugin has to be at 0.5 so the render output and the psd look almost the same. but what happens if I ramp up the light intensity? there is no envelop button in the psd saver.

here some comparison betwenn the LW renderoutput (left side) and the psd output:
(the first and the fifth row look the same)

that for my question: what do people do if they use this plugin and if they use somthing else, what and how? and still it could be that I am not using the plugin the right way or there can be more done in photoshop.

I am using LW8 and Photoshop 6



LW’s PSD saver exports layers in a shuffled way, that doesn’t produce proper results in Photoshop. In order to make use of the images in PS, you need to manually reorganize the layers…for each exported frame! For some reason this has not been fixed in LW8, as simple -and important- as it is…:shrug:

Anyway here’s what you need to do to rearrange the images:

Also visit this page for info on PSD based multipass rendering in DFX+:


thanks, but I allready know about that issue and the images above are from the lw buffers in the right layers with the right blend mode.



Hi Mike,

Unfortunately coloured lights don’t get exported with the PSD buffer saver (as you already know). One workaround is to render out each light as white separately, and colour them individually in PS. As you’ve also discovered, there’s no GI exported as a buffer either. That’s just the way it is, I think… or more accurately, I don’t know of any workaround for that ;), other than saving the GI render as well. You can, of course, have the PSD buffer exporter and the “normal” image saver active at the same time.


you can bake the global light if you need to get it into the psd.

No other work arounds that I know of.


yeah, baking! I think its better too, to use the “render buffer export” plugin in conjunction with the “special buffers” tool. then its possible to work on surfaces by surface basis. im gonna try and see what happens.



Why don’t you just use the render buffer export or rpla/rpf format.


can photoshop read these files?



I know Photoshop can read RLA files (there’s an additonal Import/Export filter for it on the install disk), but I’m pretty certain that it can’t do anything with the extra channels contained in it (depth, material/object ID buffers, etc). Best bet there is a compositing program such as AE Pro or Digital Fusion.


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