Photoshop Help


Hi Guys,

I have these two images :

I want to know what the difference is between the two colour profile wise, as I edit the logo.pnd and add some snow flakes and suddenly it doesnt colour match on my site anymore. Where are logo.png does.

I assume its something to do with photoshop colour profiles, ive tried to turn them off, but something just isnt right.

Oh and if it helps, both logos work perfect on mozilla, its just ie and safari that seem not to colour match,anyone ?


the first image is saved in a format which doesnt support profiles, the second one has a profile attached…thats what PS tells me when i open them.


So how do I strip the second one of its colour profile ?

Is it possible ? I tried giving all my images the same profile and still they do not look the same, my friend however used some old bit of adobe photo editing software, elements or something and the image worked fine ?

Problem is I need to be able to edit them ?!



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