Photoshop curve (ACV format) to 3DS Max output map?


Title says it all…

Does anyone know a (fast & easy) way to import/convert a Photoshop curve (ACV format) into 3DS Max (output) map?

I could do it manually but it wouldn’t be very precise and its quite a time consuming task… There should be an easier way to do it? A script maybe?


I don’t know if it can be done with a output map. Maybe it is easier to store your curve in a .lut file and load that, either as a rendering postprocess or a lut map. I have found this converter - I did not test it but maybe you can give it a try.

/edit: It’s even easier, since Photoshop can export LUTs by itself.


hey thanks for the links! I’ll try those out asap!


I cant do it in post since it has to be only applied to certain nodes in the shader network.

For some reason the luts created in photoshop give me different results in max (too bright in this case).
It worked fine on a simple B/W gradient but doesn’t work as expected on bitmaps.
The LUT works fine in photoshop…
I’ll experiment some more later and see if I can find out whats going on.

I’ve started recreating the curves manually in 3ds max… but its going to take quite some time… so I’m still open to suggestions.