Photoshop CS3 GUI Issue


I’ve not been able to find any reports of this happening to anyone else but i’m not really sure of any good places to look for adobe support like this.

I’m unable to click on the pallet icons to open them or if multiple pallets use the same window, I can’t click on the tab to switch between them. Such as if Actions pallet is out, i can’t switch to history without using a shortcut key or going up to the window menu. Nor could I switch to say the Layer Compositions pallet.

When I try to click on these tabs and icons, its as if they’re not there and I’m clicking in the gray workspace, or if there’s a file open behind it, on the image. So if i click twice anywhere in these zones, it will open the open file window.

Here’s a picture with the zones that are giving me trouble in blue.

Any Ideas? I’ve tried the holding ctrl+alt+shift to reset my settings on opening the program. Its a fresh install of CS3 Extended. Downloaded and installed all the updates already too.


Still having this problem, and now the rest of our GFX department is having the same issue on their computers. We all have IBM IntelliStation Z Pro machines. Our MIS Department has talked to a few tech’s at Adobe and they didn’t know anything about it.

Anyone else have this problem or have a Z Pro and don’t have the problem?

Any insight would be helpful.



Turning Hardware Acceleration down one notch from full fixed the issue.


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