Photoshop CS doesnt like Money?


Not sure if this topic has been discussed before But i found it a bit interesting.

Apparently Photoshop CS refuses to open images of Money Notes or Cheques.
I cant test this coz i dont have CS.

Anyone have troubles with it or find it weird?

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fist Post.

We received a TIFF image from a customer, of a $20 bill. The image does
not violate any laws regarding reproduction of currency (it’s not even
close to actual-size, and it’s not a “flat” portrayal - it’s wavy, as if
it’s fluttering in the wind. Nor is it real-color.

However, Photoshop CS refuses to open the image, and provides an error
message regarding the (il)legality of currency reproduction and an
“information” button that takes you to the web. (Photoshop 7, of course,
has no such qualms).

What the hell is this? In my book this is completely unacceptable -
Photoshop is an image editor, not a censor, government policy enforcer
or anything else.

Adobe, you’ve got some explaining to do.



Oh it gets wierder, on late model printers if you try to print something that looks like money it’ll spit out a page with a web link to the US Treasury website instead of printing the image.


LMAO!! Are you guys pulling my leg??:applause:

I wish I had PS CS to try it. I wonder what’ll happen if I scan a $20…

Oh wait… I don’t have a $20~!!:cry:




Just tried with a canadian and american twenty, and CS opened them fine.


Did you try a brand new design U.S. $20? Seems to only happen on the new ones.

Originally posted by alphatron
Just tried with a canadian and american twenty, and CS opened them fine.



lol, thats crazy
so somewhere in these programs, they have an image of a $20… mmm

/gets shot


I opened this image just fine:$203rdPrintingErrorSnD68008960A.htm

Thats weird, I wonder if it only gives you the error if its scanned?


LOL WOW!! WHO KNEW?! hahahahaha!!:beer:


there is probebly a watermark in the image that photoshop looks for. And if you produced the original image properly… then the mark is gone and you can copy it.


This doesnt rest easy with me. I dont want a program that censures me in this way.

Imagine if you finished , after many hours , modelling an Audi TT in Maya and a box came up saying " The Audi TT is copyright your model will now be reduced to a teapot have a nice day" .


thats kind of wrong, they should tell you that the program has this feature. anyways not like you can actually make a dollar from ur computer with photoshop, you wouldnt be able to apply those layered like properties. anyways what if someone is making an advertisment or sumthing for a company and its like sale so they include money in the advertisment, did adobe ever think of this?

i want answer from adobe about this!:slight_smile:


try scanning again with a really busy cloth behind it… maybe it’ll fool the computer :wink:


I sort of understand their reasons for doing this, but still, that’s not cool.



has anyone verrified this, it almost sounds like a web hoax

Though I guess the money could have a watermark that the software looks for.


Originally posted by BiTMAP
try scanning again with a really busy cloth behind it… maybe it’ll fool the computer :wink:

I would try it with PS7, but I havent seen a $20 in 6 months


canadian money has a few watermarks that the software could look for (actualy, it has ALOT in the new ones… you hold it up to the right lights and such and you go… wow… thats money?)


apparently it errs with this file:!enclosure=.2ccf3de0

Try it - I sitll have 7 so I dont knwo but maybe itll work on 8:\


THAT IS FRIGGIN’ AWESOME!!! i’LL TRY THAT… OR WAIT!!! Ummm… never mind…:applause: Sweet discovery SuperMax

By the way, what were you doing trying to do, copying money?


Because those who would actually use this for illegal purposes aren’t going to just shrug their shoulders and open it in PS 7 anyway… Right.