Photoshop CC 2015


I do not work for adobe, however there are new tools which are matte painter friendly in the new version of Photoshop.

Export as: You can select any layer or multiples of layer within the layer stack and export as PNG with a right click. Very useful if like me you create assets on the fly.

Library: You had the library option as before in 2014 release, its a little more improved where you can leave assets and textures in a library without having to scour through tons of texture libraries.

Adobe Stock: You can now download stock images faster and quicker within photoshop and the search algorithm is very fast. Even to the point of helping you locate stock. The upside is you can download a water marked stock image, edit it and finesse it. If you don’t need it, you clear it. The downside is you then have a option to licence the image, which costs money. However if you have a agreement in place with client, you pass the cost on.

Haze: Inside camera RAW you have a haze filter, you can remove haze on images or more exciting add haze to the image, which is good for aerial perspective and suchlike.

Camera Lens Blur: You have more control over the blur and can now add noise to the blur, and match the original image.

Panoramic: You know those pesky white bits that are left over when doing auto-merge, well there is a auto content aware setting that can fill those in for you. At Last!

Content Aware Move: You can content aware move as in previous versions of the programme, now there is a auto transform where the option to resize and transform come up automatically,

Content Aware Patch and Spot Heal – Performance improvement
Healing Brush – Real time healing
Content Aware Extend/Move – Transform on drop

So a more friendly matte painter photoshop, at last.