Photoshop brushes


Hey peeps!

I’m new here on the forum, and I’d like to know if you know any good sites with customed brushes (yes i have googled and found mostly crap).

I mostly deal with space art, but any brushes will do fine since I’m gonna expand into other kinds of art aswell.

/Padawan :smiley:


I don’t think that there is any big site with PS brushes because you can very easly costumize your own. This is the best way to get the brushes you need. You can find some helpful tutorials at Cheers.


Try this link, perhaps you can find something of your interest: this helps



I would suggest making your own as it is the best way to get exactly what you want. It is very easy to do in both 7 and CS.


i know this guy : is well into sharing his custom brush libraries. try dropping him a note to request one of his brush packs. I agree with the others here saying that you should just make your own =9 it’s a lot easier / fits the task at hand more - but hey. looking at other people’s stuff is always good for inspiration!


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