Photoshop 7 shape dynamics


Hi, folks,

I´ve began working with Photoshop 7 a couple days ago, after years of 5.5 and I´m loving the experience.
However (of course…), there are a few things that are beginning to bother me:

-Shape dynamics; I mostly use Photoshop for colouring and that means that I have to have a reliable tool at my disposal and I don´t know if I can say that about these brushes since every so often, the shape dynamics feature turns itself off on its own.
Instead of a stroke that varies in width according to my pen pressure (I use a Wacom Volito), I end up with this single maximum-width stroke that would equate to a blob of ink in real life.
I actually have to restart the program to have my brush with its shape dynamics feaure back, which is a hassle when I´m dealing with loads of huge files (which is about 19 outta 20 times).

Does anyone know how I can avoif this?

I´d really appreciate some help here.


You can turn shape dynamics on/off by clicking the ‘brushes’ tab up on the top right…
If your selecting your brushes from the default selection - most of them have dynamics turned ‘on’ by default…

If you want a default other than what’s preset - you’ll have to add your own brushes to the menu…



Thanks for your repply, TheNeverman. :slight_smile:

Unfortunatelly, the fact remains that once this “bug” starts, it doesn´t matter if I check or uncheck the ´shape dynamics´on the brush´s palette on the right top corner;

it stay off and the brush simply doesn´t respond to the stroke pressure.

Really maddening…:sad:


Hmmm, another thing to check (since your using a tablet) is your Pen Tablet Properties in the control panel. As the tip on the stylus wears down the response dosen’t act quite the same - you may need to adjust the softness/firmness slider… Also - are you using a plastic overlay on the tablet itself? May need replaced…



Those were the very first things I did (I have a spare Wacom Volito tablet -and two spare pens- sitting around just in case and the same thing happened to it.

I´m almost sure that it´s a software problem, I´m doing some colour work and suddenly, Whoosh, pen pressure sensitivity goes out the window.

I´ve also noticed that it happens more frequently when I have lots of files opened in Photoshop.


Bummer… not sure what else to try…



Sounds like a memory issue to me. Check your swap disk settings? Defrag your drives recently? Also, should have lots of RAM if you’re doing high-res work, I recommend at least 1GB if not more, especially when using dual monitors and/or high-res monitor settings.


Well, I have 3 of those 512Mb RAM (do they still call these RAM?) chip thingies;

it´s really annoying because I´ve worked with Photoshop5.5 for years, supposedly an inferior version and yet it never gave me any pen pressure issues.

Swear to God it it weren´t for 7´s brushes…


Have the latest PS updates?


Wel, I´ve visited the Adobe site and can´t find any relevant patch for Photoshop 7.0.

There´s a Type Repair Droplet and a Targa Plug-in, and that´s that for 7.0.


Don’t always go by the documented fixes… in my experience there often are some extra goodies tossed in that aren’t written down. Install it, can’t hurt at this point.

Anything else change about your machine since you jumped from 5.5 to 7? Install any other software?


No, it´s pretty much the same´.

I dont like to play around with my computer since it´s my main work tool, so I even try to stay away from computer games.


Don’t feel alone.
It happens to me and everyone I know.
As far as I can tell it happens when you tap a lot or make many short strokes in a small amout of time. It just kind of wigs the tablet out.
most of the time all it takes is to turn off pressuer sensitivity in the brushes pallet, make a stroke or two and then turn it back on. Other times it takes a restart of photoshop.
An other thing that screws up pen pressure, and this has been happening for several versions now, is to go to an other app while PS is starting up. weird but true and repeatable.
I have sent in requests to adobe repeatedly, with other bugs and feature suggestions with no responce.
My main issue with Adobe is that they could care less about artits.
the bread and butter seems to come from web and print.
while there are some amazing things being done in film they just don’t see it as a market that needs attention. I have first hand experience of adobe employees getting irate when it was asked if we could have a feature work like it did in Painter. It must be a sore spot.

Sorry rant is over.
ijust get a little peeved at the apparent dismissal of opinions by people who have been using the product for a decade like myself.
ok I am really done.


Damn, that really sucks.

I´m starting to really consider going back to Photoshop 5.5, it´s an app I´m extremelly confortable with, plus it never gave me these types of problem.


@eliseu: I’ms pretty sure there is a 7.01 update for PS.


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