Photos similar to nude life drawing sessions?



I am looking for photos which come as closely as possible to nude drawing sessions (I can only join a nude drawing class once a week but actually want to draw and practise more).

The photos should have similar poses in as real sessions, and the bodies shouldn’t necessarily be perfectly athletic. I am particularly interested in the female form.

Any links/books/suggestions?


Sunspotter…Nice models in the first few workshops

Here is another link that might be useful to you


you can set up time intervals between poses, has nude, clothed, male, female, totally customizable to help you draw, i love it as a beginner :slight_smile:


Jan. 04, 2012

Above is a site that looks like it could be very useful, for beginners, and pro’s
I just stumbled upon it while reading a thread over at ZBRUSH Central…Thought I would pass it along in here.:slight_smile:


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