PhotoReal Water Glass WIP


Here is a current project for an Advanced texturing class. The goal is to go for photo real. There is a lot to tweak still (colors, lighting, textures). The part that is coming together is the water and glass. That has been the most trouble. Once I get it down then back to the faucet. I’m still working on the shape of the faucet to better match the photo. Still playing with the reflections and refractions too.


Very nice picture, however this is some fixes that i think needs to be done( The Yellow is rendering issues and the black is Modelling issues):


very nice so far looking good could use some little bits of water (drips and splatters) around the top where the water isnt there is perfectly clean :wink: needs some spatters me thinks.


Hey, these are all areas that I plan on working on. The crease is a shader issue and the modeling stuff is a WIP. I have two weeks to work on this so I have time to work on the details. THanks for the suggestions.


Great work Nolan!!


I think this is going to be as close as I can get without killing myself.
Here is a break down of the scene:
There are 2 area lights, 4 point lights and 1 directional. Lots of light linking to get it right.
The crazy thing is the main area light for the glass and water has as intensity set to 0.03. Anything above 0.05 gets blown out.

Getting water to look like water was the biggest challenge. Used a brownian texture for the bump which really helped break up the water surface as well as for the icecubes and the water pouring out. Scale and placement was a problem too since it’s hard to judge how big the faucet is in comparison to the water glass. Overall, being my first photo real piece, I think I came pretty close. There was some photoshop touch ups for highlights and dark areas but 99% was done in Maya.


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