Photoreal Honda NSX & Interior - Extreme Hi-res?..


Hello All.

updated with new images

Ok I have made the jump from Lightwave to XSI recently and his is my first model. I want to really push myself as it has been a while since I indulged in some hi res modelling so lets try for some photorealism. Engine, interior, the works. Please crit hard! :slight_smile:

After few hours over the past week here is where I am up to. Basic mesh outlined, now for detailing the exterior…


Headlight development… Still need to edit indicator colour adding some sort of gradient, image map or procedural.

Also the bump map on the outside glass needs to be done. and the mirrored texture for the reflectors needs to be changed.



Front body detailing 90% complete. wheels/tyres/tread modelled, front bay modelled ready for detailing, underside started.


Wheel beauty shot… Just need to add textures and dirt


Further update, working on interior structure, door jams, then the rear light cluster…


very impressive modeling so far … very ambitious.

Ive attempted to model a nissan GTR, but that didnt go so well because things blueprints were unclear so everything started to deviate as i modeled things in panel by panel. So, I have some questions about car modeling workflows.

1)What is your workflow?
2)How do you model the inside of the doors just eyeball from references?

Also can u show the wireframe of that vent thingy on the side of the door? how did u approach that? i have trouble with these sorts of cuts.



Thanks for the message. I have seen your work, it looks good! well on your way :slight_smile:

My basic workflow consist of:

obviously carefully align blueprints, and gather as much reference as I can. I have about 5 folders at the moment which I add to consisting of exterior, interior, doors, rear, headlights etc.

I then start by tracing the blueprints with curves, making everything aligned and tracing the important shapes in the body panels using curves. This is mainly for my own reference.

Then I patch a few of the front panels using the curves, or start with the bonnet and crate one large rectangle polygon. Then slice it a few times, and align the point to the curve - “snap to curve” works very well in keeping everything smooth.

I model each panel as a separate object, but when starting an adjacent panel I will copy the edge loop of the first one, and use that to extent my new panel from, ensuring they line up perfectly.

Once I have the basic flat shape I will then start at the front and add depth to each panel by extruding in 5mm (roughly the depth of metal panels) and tighten up all the sharp corners and edges. at this point is should look pretty sweet. From here just continue this process from front to back, and detailing as I go. modellign each object as it is built in real life - the headlights have multiple rubber seals and components etc, as does the door jams/seals. If it doesn’t look 100% accurate to my eyes at least then I will keep redoing it.

The key through all of this is to REALLY focus on the topology of the car. depending on your software will depend how will it handles polygons with more than 4 points, but try and keep 99.9% of your polygons to 4 points and REALLY only use the bare minimum polygons needing to create the shape.

The side intake was originally not modelled. I left the panel flat BUT made sure the topology of the door and side panel sat in the correct position to line up with it. Then when detailing all I had to do was extrude inwards, and weld a few points at one end. of course a lot of tweaking with the points and distances ensured I don’t get any pinching in the surface.

And yes the interior and door jams are just from eye balling a hell of a lot of photos, working out edge loops, which objects to built separately, each time just copying and pasting adjacent polygon loops or edge loops to start the next part. 99% of my process is extending polygons and slicing loops in. For this amount of details I must have spent hours on end staring at references to get it correct :slight_smile: fun in this instance as I am aiming for such a close copy and realistic final render and animation.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions it has been helpful to me. I really didnt think the cage would be so low poly.



Ok updates include editing materials heavily, modellings door sills and rubbers, roughing out the dash etc. Next jobs: remodel rear lights in high detail, finish all symmetrical body and chassis parts, boot etc, then mirror permanently and model interior in high detail. yumm

Let me know what you think, would LOVE crits on the rendering side as this is my shortfall along with material shaders… think I am getting close.



Ok now I am slightly more confident with my render setup I can forget about that until later, I have been ploughing on with the little details (sooo many rubber gaskets etc!!.. Engine bay ready for engine now, boot done (just need boot clips), I need to do the rear window, and then it is on to the interior I think. Then after that will be engine and front bay details.

best, William.


As far as rendering goes, I feel as if you a very close to achieving a realistic feel of the car. One thing that I feel could push it further is working on the class shaders. I feel like they are a bit too reflective of the surrounding environment. When you look at a car window that has just been clean (like the look of the rest of the car), the windows are very clear, you can see all the way through the car except if the car has window tint. I would try working on a window tint shader as well. This would definitely put it over the top.


Woww …good subject !

As I also own the 91’ NSX in real-life so I got some suggestion for you there.

The front fender need to be even flushed’ with the body but not too much until the contour is lost,unless you intended to do so just like today trend of hellaflush/stances which most of them make those fender pull’ to allowed the car to accept bigger wheel even when the car was lowered.

Since the side intake didnt have any changed in term of shape from 1990-2005,the only thing you need to do is to make it abit more rounder on the inside ducting.
For 02+ model,the grill of intake has been changed from plastic covered styled duct cover to mesh,grill type duct cover.

Other than that I think you doing great now,just need a lil’ bit of references pics & it all would be good.

All the best!I also made my 3d model of the NSX but that model was only have a simple interior & no engine for now since after I got the real thing the effort for NSX project was moved toward the real thing…:slight_smile:


That’s coming along really nicely.
Great work on the door jambs, I know those things can be a nightmare to model.

I could be wrong, as I’m not extremely familiar with NSX’s, but your a-pillar might be a little bit too thin. (The exterior painted bit where the door glass meets the windshield).

The renders look good so far, be sure to either cut in, model, or texture something for the glass shading, that will really bring it to life.

A small bit of advice too, when you get to the point where you’re modeling the a-pillar on the interior, be sure to make it thick enough. I used to build cars from scan data, and it was always a dead giveaway of a photobuilt car when I would see a very thin interior a-pillar.

Good work! Looking forward to updates!

Edit- Almost forgot to mention too, be sure your glass is solid geometry and not just a plane, that will give your shader something to refract and will make your glass pop a little better :wink:


Thanks for the crits guys! Here is an update of teh interior.

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have started a new job in APP development which is taking up a lot of my time, but spent a few hours on it today :slight_smile:

@ HBS- Afraid I don’t understand what you mean by the fenders… I have hundreds of photo references and have even had a photoshoot of a real NSX and have matched them pretty closely but if you could pinpoint which bit you mean that would be great! :slight_smile:

@nmcelmury: Thanks for teh advice!!.. I know what you mean about the A-Pillar… Looking at my references the front windscreen has a black border to hide the width of the pillar so I will have that sorted as soon as teh windscreen goes on :slight_smile:


Woww the door look nicely made ! I wish I had your patient for that haha :smiley:

Looking great there !

Regarding to your question,here is the picture that I marked out with the thing that I mentioned before.Also in the picture I also attached one of my friend 91’ NSX with full original part 05’ NSX-R conversion so you can see that the fender liner in standard trim didnt much pronounced like most of modern car.(Due to that,there is the trend of pulling fender for this kind of car which is ,bastardizing the modern classic due to the need of more bling’ wheels factor such as to put even larger diameter set of wheel.)

Uploaded with


Very nice work! You should render with the 2.2 gamma workflow. It’s the way to go!


The modeling quality is fantastic! Are you doing your tires with geometry, or a flat tire w/ a bump texture? They look a little flat in terms of the tread detail.


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