Photogrammetry Resources


Theses are just quick resources from my bookmarks. I know I have some others that I just need to dig up.

Also when taking photographs for photogramaty try and use cross polarized photos, that makes sure that no specular or glass highlights ruin the original albedo color of the texture, here are some resources on how to do that.

I got to study for a test this week, But I’ll try my best to dig up the other resources I have on photogramatry and best practices for it.


Here’s a really good resource I just found. in terms of free video series, Michael Pavlovich’s series is really helpful to get you started in diffrent programs.


These are great resources Martin, I like the breakdown videos on Michael Pavlovich’s youtube page. Really useful! Thanks for sharing.

I’ve been following a guy named Travis Davids, he has some resources as well:
1. Photogrammetry - Reconstructing Images into 3D Objects
2. Photogrammetry Rock Pack Toolkit



3. Photogrammetry ground + Wall textures by sebvhe(FREE + PAID)