Photo to Texture with LightCorrection



I want to use this as a texture:

unfortunately the lower left is too dark, and i want to get rid of that lightning …

How do i do that in PS?
Are there tutorials around?



Here’s a simple technique i discovered…

 Open the Layer Effects window on this texture layer. [i]If it's the doc's BG layer, rename the layer to allow editing on it.[/i]
 Add a "Gradient Overlay".
 Use a Linear B&W style.
 Angle the gradient to -135°.
 Set the Mode to Overlay. 
 Pull the Opacity slider down to around 22-23 -- [i]this setting is specific to your wood texture here. Other textures/shadow problems will require their own specific Opacity setting.[/i]

To find each situations specific Opacity setting requires you to eyeball it. Your eyes should see when you hit the right amount.

It should be noted that this technique is very specific to this type of lighting problem. It would be harder to apply it on more complex lighting situations/problems. It could however also be done by simply using a normal layer above the problem texture, and painting with black and/or white while the layer’s mode is set to Overlay. This would allow much greater control over the balancing of the tones.

Hope this helps.:bounce:


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