Photo Study 2


Ah hello, this is a photo study i did the other ay. Didn’t make the 2d finished cut. :frowning:

I’d like some feedback, what do you guys think of the dof on the hand and feet? Yay or Nay?
Man I ve gone acouple days without drawing and wow, its like i was back where i started. This was the last thing i drew/painted.

hi rez


WOW!!! :bounce: This is simply a fantastic piece!!! I would really love it if you would create a tutorial, perhaps on this thread, showing the intermediate steps in this lovely image’s creation. This is so realistic, it is just amazing!!! Any tips or tricks for achieving such a faboulous result would be highly appreciated!! :thumbsup:

Can you tell us about your background and training? :slight_smile:




Ah thanks rebecca,
This is acctually my 21st painting I belive( I ahve done 1 a day for the last 21 days) I had to acctually draw this one out so many times to get the back looking arched… I go to a new media program at the university of lethbridge but I’m not able to take painting classes, no room in my schedual. I prac, and I do gnomon videos and most importantly listen to what people say on cgtalk :D.

That is a really good idea for a tutorial. Never thought of that. I have taken so much from this community I belive its time to give backWHat i would really like to do is record the process then do a talk over. Then seed it as a torrent. Whats a good screen cap program?

This is my process
-Have a photo beside me for sure. :slight_smile:
-I draw it. So this is more of a coloring.
-I block in mid tone, highlight, and shadow areas with painters acrylics.
-THen I use palet knife to get my edges, then I use 2 blender brushes and mix.
-refine where nessessary.
-I use the glow brush to blow out the highlights a bit.
-use the fx brush confusion to get that grainy bled between shadow and midtone.

After I take it to photoshop.
I add skin blemishes, and viens and wrinkles where appropriate.
I do a selective color adjustment and a color balance. to tweak the colors as close as possible to skin. I like color balance as opposed to hue sat cause I can isolate my mids lows and highs.

Then I do a process I use in 3d. I got this from a 3d world mag tut on skin shadeing. It was linked previously at cgsociety portal page.

-Copy it to a new layer
-add noise
-Copy that 3 times.
-blur one at 7 pixels, one at 3 pixels and one at 1.5 pixels.
-opacity 7, 11, 15 respectivly.

Im back at school now so it might be tuff to find the time to do a vid tut but I will try my best. I can’t really show the intermediate steps because I did this in one sitting and just kepts saveing over the same file.

Maybe one day I wont need a photo to paint :slight_smile:

Hopefully some one finds some use to this.


depleteD: With respect to what you just said… THANK YOOUUU


Great picture and great explanation! If you decide to do a video tutorial, you could always try Camtasia Studio ( ). I used it myself once and it didn’t slow my computer down while working.

Good luck!


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