'photo-real' Elephant, Ward (3D)



Here is my first image what I publish here and finished a couple of days ago. My goal was to make something photoreal and integrate into live environment.

The elephant was modelled in Maya 4.5, renderend in Mentalray and composited in Shake.

Hope you like it!

and of course comments and critics are welcomed.

other version with more contrast



I don’t believe it is a rendering image. But if it is, that is really perfect rendering.

Hmmm… I think it should be.


Looks almost too good to be cg. Remarkable job!

Wireframe perhaps?



I belive its cg. But it is incredible. I just happen to know to much about animals to think thats real.



It’s not just that the modelling and texturing on the elephant are impressive…they certainly are that…bit what really impresses me is how well it’s integrated into the live environment.

Great work :thumbsup:


first amazing render…here are a few points though, things that is ‘wrong’ with your elephant:

The trunk is too uniform the farther out you get, too many (uniform) ‘rings’.
The tusks might be a tad too round at the end, and the dirt looks ‘patterned’.
The folder on the back ‘deosn’t make sense’ to me at least, looks like heavy motion but would that happen in a regular walk? Can’t decide if the tail is a bit too low, or too draw towards the left compared to the pose.

Anyway great work, and my elephant knowledge might be a tad rusty so some of the crit might blech…in that case, just :thumbsup:


Here is an other version, Hope you like it,


:thumbsup: awesome! looks very real


Absolutely fantastic work!
It can pass for a photo for sure. The only thing I think could be done better is the shader of the “horns”. It’s a little soft, and the shadows are a little “cg-ish”.
Anyway, 5 stars from me :smiley:


very cool.
I like the second one the most.
and the dirt on the horns totaly looks cg. but I just dont know why. it is just well.(i dont know.)
great work and I also think that the tail is in a weird position on the first pic


An excelent piece of work, that gets very close to the realistic aim, it looks to me though that elephant hide has much deeper darker creases and wrinkles in it, the CG looks very flat.

A great piece of work though especially the second image :thumbsup:


wow, i really like this kind of stuff, theres too much guns, aliens and swords in cg, and work like this deserves far more credit.



holy crap! awesome work and i agree, its nice to see something else then the usual guns and monsters (they are cool but u know what i mean) great work!


Nice image!



Holy kemolie :eek:

Spank my ass and call me rupert, this isn’t 3d is it? :eek:

Fantaaaaaastic:thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


That’s awsome. You should make a picture of the elephant doing something really weird. I’m sure if you didn’t tell people it was fake they wouldn’t think it.


Your kidding right? That kicks ass/


Applaud, bravo!!!Encor!! Great work!!! Need we say more. Better than what hollywood is doing today. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Jesus Bal

You never showed me this! LOL this is excellent work my man! BTW thanks for helping .



Woohoo! Leave the real animals in the wild! Virtual zoo here we come!:smiley:

Excellent modeling, let alone compositing!