Phoenix compared FumeFx


Hey guys,

Since Phoenix is out - it would be interesting
how it can compete with FumeFx.

Does anyone did some tests regarding that issue?
Would be cool to hear some thoughts…




There was some great posts in the news section:

But it would be great to bring some discussion about it here in max forum. Hope the guys that are using it could tell us a bit more about it.


I don’t know how old this is but u can see how it works.


yep seems to be nice.

i have just downloaded the demo and playing with some things.
The viewport feedback is very fast in my view…


nice stuff - indeed - but for me it would be cool to see the strength of
each software. Im quite sure that Fume is still superior but maybe
it is a question of time when they will catch up.

Gotta do some tests though


I bought PHX and I won’t be turning back to FumeFX. Don’t know if that helps any :slight_smile:


you know the funny thing is.

For me it seems that setting up a simulation with Phoenix is quite fast and
you get quite good results in a fast way.
Of course that doesnt mean that Fume is not able to do that stuff.
For me it seems that you have much more settings and also control with Fume
compared to Phoenix - how you guys feel about that?

back to the “funny” thing.

I know its a weak comparison, but if you take
mental ray and vray // Fume and Phoenix… then you get what i mean…




I like PHX’s integration with Max more, being able to move around the viewport and even render while simming is great. Geometry mode is a nice feature, though I haven’t used it for anything yet. The best feature currently in my opinion is being able to displace voxels post-sim. It adds incredible amounts of detail on rather boring looking sims.

Fume does have wavelet turbulence and fluid mapping, but WT adds time to the sim. Also some things worth looking into are the included texture maps. The particle texture is a really great idea, I haven’t had the chance to test it fully but I’d imagine it would even further increase the detail level of the displacement.


To me, Phoenix seems to be alot better than Fume in many ways, its faster (way faster) and have many features that Fume doesn’t have. One is if you create a simple box and put it above the fire, the fire take the box as a collision object right away, pretty cool, and also, if you move or animate an object with Phoenix, all the dynamics works as it should with wind movement and so on, a feature that Fume don’t have.
Fume need to put out a new build soon to keep up… Think Phoenix will rock even more in the future. I love it…


Well, Phoenix gets nixed here, for it to FULLY function it needs VRAY to render it. We dont want to buy vray too just to render some fire shots. To bad they had to tie it their renderer. So Fume looks like a better choice.


This is actually not true. Phoenix works really well with scanline.


Actually this is true mate.
You better check out the Specification of Phoenix.
This is One Point which annoys me too
Using vrays domelight will bring very nice results.
So whatcha gonna do with scanline? And also some Features only work with vray. Thats really a downside in my View.


I was able to get nice results with scanline, spot/omni/directional lights with area shadows, and displacement. Fume doesn’t use all of Max’s lights, they need to have the atmospheric shadows option. To each his own, I own V-Ray and I’m sure it makes sense why PHX works well with it.


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