Phenomena: Probing the Paranormal Episode 1 is now UP!!


We’ve been working on this series for a little over a year now and our first episode is up:

It’s a satire of virtually EVERY ghost/paranormal chaser show you can find - a group of inept paranormal investigators get in over their heads with disastrous results. It’s a mix of comedy/horror - mostly on the comedy side. And the horror doesn’t turn into SAW or anything, so don’t worry about gore or anything gratuitous.

It’s a little over 16 minutes long, so it’s not like a little demo shot, but I’d lilke to know what the CGTalk-folks think.

thanks for viewing, and I hope you like it - there’s 6 more coming every 2 weeks.



That first episode was really good! I have to say, I think it started out slow, but halfway through it started getting much better and I found myself laughing at quite a few parts. Excellent spoof!



Second episode is up now - I have a feeling they’re all gonna feel like that. We’ve gotta get through where we are and what we’re doing here, and get through the background interviews where you follow our lives. Then you get into the investigations and then all Hell breaks loose.

For some reason I have a double post on this - I didn’t go backwards to re-check anything, - can’t figure that out. If a mod could delete the other one I’d really appreciate that.

Hey - you’re local! Hey neighbor!

-Lew :wink:


Just watched episodes 2 and 3 - getting better and better. I’d love to see this on SciFi - I mean SyFy - it would be a great follow-up to Ghost Hunters! :wink: I’d say that the production values are the same - if not better - than Ghost Hunters. I rarely watch it, but I think this version is much more enjoyable.

Yeah, I’m right over here in Woodlake! :slight_smile:



That would be awesome if we could get ANY funding! Right now this is all out of pocket - been working on this now for over a year in our spare time.

Seeing what we can do with a JVC HD110 (prosumer) and a handful of consumer camcorders - there’s been a LOT of headaches (varying frame rates, frame sizes, codecs - doing the FX gets to be interesting), but we all think it’s turning out well.

Yeah - we’re in Brandermill.

Episode 4 goes up in 2 weeks! Talk to ya soon-



Episode 4 should be up in the morning - and we’ve started putting them up on YouTube now! There was a 10 minute limit from YouTube but our company signed up for their partnership program and now we can have full episodes up in HD, so look for that one - especially since in Ep.4 there are more graphics going by.

Enjoy the view, and please tell me what you think of them!



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