well, Pharaoh represents a self preservation culture…all basis of the “Architecture” is formed from the liquid (to the left), the eventual fully realized growth of the building allows for gathering of energy to be returned back to the liquid. Thus enabling the cycle to begin again…no its definately not a story i planned from the outset :P…it developed…

This is in fact a reworking of “King” taken from an earlier stage…

Photoshop7, Wacom Graphire 4

thanks very much



Very nice image! I like the atmospere of it.

Great work.


i like it. it looks like a city and a lot of complex things happening there.


Ace :D. Thank you both very much ^^



I love this. The colour and shape is really strong. Good stuff!!



Very nice artistic skill.:thumbsup: I like the colors!:bounce:


Gosh, you two thanks so much…

Mark, an honour to have ya visit mate, when i spotted your name i knew we were in for a treat…thanks SO much for commenting.

Roger:thumbsup: cheers mate, thanks for visiting.



Very interesting work, great idea! Incredible world! I like it!
Your colour palette is unique!


Thank you, Atris…specially with regard to the comment on colour, im glad you noticed it!.



Nice work, i like your palette, maybe you can put something in the foreground to emphasize the scale of the background (spaceship or structure). Anyway, good job !


very very nice and hallucinogen… but i like it more if i turn my head 90º clockwise, it gives it more strenght.
is a very impressive landscape.


Mate, i thank you very much, i was sitting on the possibilty of submitting this flipped at 90 degrees for the past few weeks, but couldn’t be bothered, now that you mention it, i might just do such :).

cheers very much !!



good luck on the competition!


great work,go ahead,luck with you!


This is realy a nice scene and beautyful art-concept. I wish, I could do something like that.


Hey you two, thank you very much for takin the time to comment…totally appreciated.


Thanks mate its interesting because there were a few moments where i was wishing the same thing looking at others artwork…thanks for placing things into perspective for me :slight_smile:

take care you 2



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