phantoms of war


Hi buddies. A simple picture for college.
One of my first works with painter. Composition in Photoshop.
Theme of the serie: War / Title of the picture: phantoms of war.

:wip: need suggestions…:thumbsup:

(quality su*** cause it’s less than 20k - what CGtalk lets adding files… sorry guys)


nice work…

little problems…

lower portion of the composition is textured …whereas upper is not…

thou highlights on the cloulds are nice but one cannot judge the direction of the light…

nice concept…



thanks phoenix.
About the texture, I do it intentionally to divide heaven from ground.
I agree about the lights. And I add that the color of the light doesn’t look good in the whole composition.

I think I can add more detail.

Any ideas to improve my work? :wip:


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