Phantom's Agents/S.P.H.S Technology


Hi, this is my characters from Secret Agent Challenge. Here I will show process of their creation in 3D. Later I will make a short videoclip :slight_smile:

Stealth Phantom Concept

Power Phantom Concept

…System launch…

Head modeling WIP


looks great!

no crits from me so far sorry, just enjoying the show :smiley:


Jesus that’s incredible! Leaves me speechless for sure.

Nothing to complain about here, everything seems superb - both looks as well as the wires.

Just one thing of importance, though you seem to have no problem in that regard - when working with metallic and mechanic components, you may have trouble with parts intersecting when limbs bend close to each other. But the first image does just that and I can’t see any problems with it, so there.

The whole exoskeleton deal might work better with that limitation, since everything is kind of like a second skin and not bulky.


watching this. So far looks great. very clean, love the concept. how are you planning on rigging this?


thx for all :slight_smile:


wooow man looks amazing already, cant wait to see the final model


Amazing work men ¡¡¡¡ Incredible the details of the helmet ¡¡¡ HOw much time do you spend in it?


…and there are some pieces of work that are so good they make you just want to quit modeling all together.

Well done!


Thanks Framedworld!

I suppose to do traditional rig but more complicated on joints and folds.
The brain will be visible through the extra strong transparent plastic which i plan to animate too.



Thanks mans!

enishi - About four nights for all work


This is top top draw. No critics from me. Just amazing, from concept to model.



awesome progress!!!


Amazing style! She’s like the love child of Giger and Aeon flux :o)


awesome stuff man, this is beautiful jaw drooping experience!!! :drool::drool::drool:
are you going to do the whole figure, or this is just the head concept?

i love your work,
i’ll keep the track on this one for sure!!!



more more mooooooore!


This is stunning, I love the concept! very cool. :cool:


all I want is MOOOOOREEEE!!! haha. Amazing work, gimme gimme more. :stuck_out_tongue:


Errr wow :eek:
this is truly amazing. The concept is really cool and those renders a insane. I don’t know if it’s the light, but the skin looks like it could use a little more color
But don’t get me wrong, this is amazing



The Holy **** meter just spontaneously combusted all by itself.

Good god man! This is beyond awesome.

I’m honestly at a lack for words, but I disagree with Pussycat - the skin certainly seems a little pale, but considering the character theme and the fact that the brain is supposed to be visible I’d say that the whole character is more machine than human.

The neck is a little long and awkward for a human being, and going by that a cyborg would be much more fitting - ergo the pale skin, as, in concordance with being a cyborg, there’s little left of a typical human organic attributes. Furthermore, there’s cables going into and below the surface of the face, which would suggest that even the it is more of a cover than an actual face.

Indeed, the brain and maybe the eyes seem to be the sole (visible) organic components of the whole cyborg.

At least, that is how I perceive it.