PFTrack or SynthEyes


I need to learn a tracking software for my upcoming project, which one will be good, PFTrack or SynthEyes ?


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That said, matchmove software doesn’t really attract the strong opinions that other programs do, so I’ll go ahead and give my opinion.

PFTrack is pretty expensive, but it does have two features that I think continue to make it worth the investment. First, it uses a node-based workflow, which I find very usable, particularly on tough shots where I have to solve in pieces then weld the cameras together. The node view just makes that kind of thing much easier. The other killer feature is its geometry tracking.

Syntheyes is, obviously, much cheaper. The only thing I am aware of that it can do that PFTrack cannot is a 3d stabilize. If you deal with a lot of shaky camerawork, that feature alone might be worth the price.

They’re both worthwhile to learn, and I’ve encountered both in production.

I believe there is also a cheaper version of PFTrack available at a price point near Syntheyes’. PFMatchIt, I think? The interface is the same as PFTrack’s, but it lacks many of the features (such as the aforementioned geometry tracking).


Thank you so much.


I look at PFTrack vs. Syntheyes this way:

PFTrack is like driving a luxury sedan. It’s easy to use, it’s a smooth ride, it gets you to a lot of places easily. It’s truly a nice piece of software to work with. I found it very easy to learn, and it has great UI.

Syntheyes is like a stick-shift Jeep. It’s a rougher ride, and you might have to bring more work to the solve. However, if you need to go off-road, through mud and rocks and rough terrain, Syntheyes will get you there. For the price, Syntheyes is the winner in my opinion.