PFtrack Object solve issue


Hello to everyone. I’m trying to track a head with black points on it. I put an edit camera node, an user track node and I tracked every single point in the shot, but when I try to solve with an Object solver node the nearer points appear to be the further ones. How can I solve this problem? I also tried with another shot and I found the same problem.


Hi Alexsplatter,

Few questions: How much camera movement is there, and what kind of motion is it? Ie. is the movement purely nodal? Did you input any camera data?

It sounds like a problem interpreting the parallax between your features - are all the black points roughly in the same place or distributed all around the head?

If you’ve only tracked the black points manually, you could see if there’s an option to run a normal auto tracker too as it’ll pick up lots of other smaller features which may help the calculations.