PFtrack Help on 3D Space Geometry tracking


Hey everyone,

I just recently started using pf track and I need to build a geometry track of a dancers face while dancing. I was able to create a normal Geometry track, adjusting the Geometrie based on the Footage i am tracking and it works good but only in 2D, if I look at it in 3D, its jumping a lot on the Z translation. I tried to manually track the Z Translation using the User Track, but thats not giving me what I need. What would be the correct approuch to track a Geometrie through 3D Space rather than the 2D Footage?

Greetings Everyone


I know this answer probably comes way too late for you (almost a year), but maybe it will help someone else in the future.

There is a Z smoothing control in the Geometry Track node. Turn it up to 500% or more. The higher the control goes, the less Z translation is permitted. You might need more or less strength depending on if the object you’re tracking actually does need to move along Z.