Pflow > Prt > Pflow + Delete by age = crash


I have a scene where I have a lot of particles (4 mill) that scale up and down over time and are instanced geometry. It’s deathly slow so to try to speed things up a bit, I thought I’d use krakatoa to save the particles to prt including the scale channel. This is so when I bring the particles back in with a prt loader/Krakatoa prt birth/ Prt update, all Pflow has to do is add the instanced geo rather than look back in history to see what scale the particle should be etc. The problem I’m having is the particles need to die after a certain duration. This doesn’t seem to happen automatically so I’ve tried adding a delete by age. No matter which way I’ve tried, this crashes max.

Is there a way to use delete (by age) in conjunction with prt birth/update that doesn’t crash max?

Max 2014



Chris, did you try using the Krakatoa File ID Test as instructed on the Thinkbox forums? Did it solve the problem?


Hey Bobo, just after I posted to forums I changed the delete by age to an age test which sent out to a delete in a different event which worked fine. I haven’t gotten back to that sequence yet but I’d like to try the ID test option when I do to see if it’s faster. Thanks for the followup.



Hey Bobo, I’m finally back on this shot and I can confirm that the krakatoa file ID test works as you stated.

Thanks again,