Pflow Disk cache


Hi, Is there a way to save pflow cache files in to disk in Max 2012.? I know this can be done by Box 3 or is built in 2014, 2015 versions of Max. Yes I am seeking a free plugin or script to do this if there is any.
Hope someone can help. Any help will be greatly appreciated, Thanks.


If it is shapes you can use the Pflow Baker script.

If you want to cache as points use the evaluation version of Krakatoa. You of course will have to switch to a PRT workflow at this point and may require some other tools for rendering.

It really depends on your end-goal.


Thanks JohnnyRandom. The thing is I am using shape facing particles with krakatoa collision. Everything works fine but the default pflow cache, it is calculating the whole sequence and in the end there’s nothing cached. Don’t know why it is happening. I have to put render or preview to check whether my setup is good and it is taking a lot of time without cache.
I tried PRT thing also and is coming out well. But it is taking a lot of time even with 70000 particles. I loaded PRT into pflow back to render it using Scanline. I have multiple shots to do and can’t afford taking too much time on just one file.
Setup is very simple with Krakatoa collision, gravity, wind and drag. Don’t know why Pflow’s default cache thing is not working. Isn’t it supported with Krakatoa collision?


You may simply be running out of Cache Op memory the default setting is only 100mb, add a couple more zeros (the interface still has a hard cap at 4gb but that doesn’t actually seem to limit) and re-cache. Also make sure your cache is set to cache for viewport and render.


Everything is same as you says. A always change those in the beginning itself. The problem seems something else. Anyways I am going with the PRT thing. It is a reliable effort. Thank you so much JohnnyRandom for your help.


No worries, I hope it all works out :slight_smile: