pflow collision problem


hi all, I am facing a prob in pflow and I have attached my pflow file. the problem here is that particles should pass to the next event as they collide with deflector but they aren’t instead they all at once go to the next event as the deflector comes to the mid of the animation so plz have a look n tell me wat i am doing wrong. thanx.


Have you verified they are colliding? Send them to a display event to see if you can get them to change shape just to test how much leakage you’re getting.


You need to fix the script in the Birth Script operator - pivot points of the particles are all in the center of the sphere.

Oleg B.


thanx olegB, pros are pros :slight_smile: thanx for the accurate answer although I haven’t tried it yet but i know problem has been nailed down. can I reset the pivots in the for loop? anyway thanx


hi all, I reset the pivot and now they are working fine but a new problem arises now. All the particles are offsetting from there original positions. why is it so? I will post my max file while I will b in home?


hi I have attached the new file with a new problem :slight_smile: . Actually pivot problem has been resolved but I don’t know wat makes particles offsetting from thier original positions (ie. inherit position from mesh). As in picture particles should be in place where the red sphere is but u see they are offsetting and have gaps in between. I v attached jpg and max file. plz have a look or tell me wat i am doin wrong


hi people, I don’t think pros here don’t know the answer wat I have asked :slight_smile: . I just want a hint, else I will research myself :wink: . thanx


hey…got the answer recently at orbaz forums…anyway thanx all
actually I was not using xform on geometry which in turn causes the particles to offset.


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